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Pyeonghwa Motors

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Pyeonghwa Motors
Pyeonghwa Jadongcha
Foondit1999; 25 years ago (1999)
HeidquartersSeoul, Sooth Korea
Area served
North Korea, Vietnam
Key fowk
Park Sang-Kwon, CEO and Chairman
Unification Church
Pyeonghwa Motors
WabsteidOfficial Page (blocked)

Pyeonghwa Motors (Hangul : 평화자동차) (Hancha : 平和自動車), a Korean leid wird for "peace", an aa spelled Pyonghwa, is ane o the twa caur manufacturers an dealers in the North Korean automotive industry. It is a jynt ventur in Nampo atween Pyonghwa Motors o Seoul (Sooth Korea), a company owned bi Sun Myung Moon's Unification Kirk, an the North Korean Ryonbong General Corp. The jynt ventur produces smaw caurs unner licence frae Fiat an Brilliance Cheenae Auto, a pickup truck an an SUV uisin complete knock doun kits frae Cheenese manufacturer Dandong Shuguang, an a luxury car o Mercedes-Benz/SsangYong design.[citation needit]

Pyeonghwa haes the exclusive rights tae caur production, purchase, an sale o uised caurs in North Korea. Houiver, maist North Koreans are unable tae afford a caur. Because o the very smaw mercat for caurs in the kintra, Pyeonghwa's output is reportedly very law. In 2003, anly 314 caurs war produced even tho the factory haed the facilities tae produce up tae 10,000 caurs a year. Erik van Ingen Schenau, author o the beuk Automobiles Made in North Korea, haes estimatit the company's tot production in 2005 at nae mair nor aroond 400 units.

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