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Lublin-51, a license biggit GAZ-51.

The GAZ-51 is the best kent, maist popular, an langest produced Soviet truck. Its first prototypes wur produced afore the end o Warld War II, an mass production stairtit in 1946.
A 2.5 ton 4x2 standard variant wis jynt in 1947 bi amaist identical 2 ton 4x4 GAZ-63. Baith variants wur pouered bi a 70 hp (52 kW) 6-cylinder 3485 cc ingine. GAZ-63 wis manufactured wi some chynges till 1968 an production o GAZ-51 continued till 1975. The trucks wur sae popular that thay wur an aa manufactured unner the Soviet license in Poland (as the Lublin-51), North Korea (as the Sungri-58) an Cheenae (as the Yuejin NJ-130).

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