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Kim Jong-un

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Kim Jong-un
Kim in 2019
Supreme Leader o North Korea
Assumed office
17 December 2011
PremierChoe Yong-rim
Pak Pong-ju
Kim Jae-ryong
Precedit biKim Jong-il
First Secretary o the Wirkers' Pairty o Korea
Assumed office
11 Aprile 2012
Precedit biKim Jong-il (general secretary)
First Chairman o the Naitional Defence Commission
Assumed office
13 Aprile 2012
DeputeKim Yong-chun
Ri Yong-mu
Jang Song-thaek
O Kuk-ryol
Precedit biKim Jong-il (Chairman)
Supreme Commander o the Korean Fowk's Airmy
Assumed office
30 December 2011[1]
Precedit biKim Jong-il
Chairman o the Central Militar Commission
Assumed office
11 Aprile 2012
Actin: 17 December 2011 – 11 Aprile 2012
DeputeChoe Ryong-hae
Ri Yong-ho
Precedit biKim Jong-il
Vice Chairman o the Central Militar Commission
In office
28 September 2010 – 11 Aprile 2012
Servin with Ri Yong-ho
LeaderKim Jong-il
Precedit biPosition established
Succeedit biChoe Ryong-hae
Ri Yong-ho
Personal details
Born8 Januar 1983 or 1984 (age 40–41)[2]
Pyongyang, Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea
Poleetical pairtyWirkers' Pairty o Korea
Spoose(s)Ri Sol-ju
Alma materKim Il-sung Varsity
Kim Il-sung Militar Varsity
Militar service
Allegiance Democratic Fowkrepublic o Korea
Years o service2010–present
RankMarshal o the Republic (공화국원수, Konghwaguk wonsu)
CommandsSupreme Commander
Kim Jong-un
Revised RomanisationGim Jeong(-)eun
McCune–ReischauerKim Chŏngŭn

Kim Jong-un[4] Korean pronunciation: [kimdʑʌŋɯn] (born 8 Januar 1983 or 1984)[5]—an aa romanised as Kim Jong-eun, Kim Jong Un or Kim Jung-eun[6]—is the supreme leader o North Korea, the son o Kim Jong-il (1941–2011) an the grandson o Kim Il-sung (1912–1994). He haes held the titles o the First Secretary o the Wirkers' Pairty o Korea, the Chairman o the Central Militar Commission, First Chairman o the Naitional Defence Commission o North Korea, the Supreme Commander o the Korean Fowk's Airmy, an an aa a presidium member o the Central Politburo o the Wirkers' Pairty o Korea. He wis offeecially declared the supreme leader followin the state funeral for his faither on 28 December 2011.[7] He is the third an yoongest son o Kim Jong-il an his consort Ko Young-hee.[8] Frae late 2010, Kim Jong-un wis viewed as heir apparent tae the leadership o the naition, an followin his faither's daith, he wis annoonced as the "Great Successor" bi North Korean state telly.[9] At Kim Jong-il's memorial service, North Korean Chairman o the Supreme Fowk's Assembly Kim Yong-nam declared that "Respectit Comrade Kim Jong-un is oor pairty, militar an kintra's supreme leader who inherits great comrade Kim Jong-il's ideology, leadership, character, virtues, grit an courage".[10] On 30 December 2011 the Politburo o the Wirkers' Pairty o Korea formally appointit Kim as the Supreme Commander o the Korean Fowk's Airmy.[1] On 11 Aprile 2012, the 4t Pairty Conference electit him tae the newly creatit post o First Secretar o the Wirkers' Pairty o Korea.

He wis promotit tae the rank o wimp o the DPRK in the Korean Fowk's Airmy on 18 Julie 2012, consolidatin his poseetion as the supreme commander o the airmed forces.[11] He obtained twa degrees, ane in pheesics at Kim Il-sung Varsity an anether at the Kim Il-sung Militar Varsity.[12][13] At 40–41 years o age, he is the warld's yoongest heid o state.

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