Subaru 1500

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The first vehicle built bi the automotive division o Fuji Heavy Industries wis cawed the Subaru 1500, wi the development code-name of P1. The prototype uised a monocoque body structure, wi an independent front wishbone suspension an a rear leaf sprung suspension wi three plates an a live rear axle.

The 1.5 liter fower-cylinder OHV ingine, code named "FG4A" wis sourced frae Peugeot frae the Peugeot 202, an built bi Fuji Precision Technology, later kent as the Prince Motor Company. The FG4A ingine wis relatit tae the Prince GA4 wi some modification. The 1500 haes a similar appearance tae the Peugeot 404. Later a different ingine wis developed in-hoose bi Fuji Heavy Industries, code named "L4-1" which wis an' a' a 1.5 liter OHV ingine, that wis 20 percent lichter than the previous ingine uised. The "P-1" wis water-cooled an uised a fower-cylinder inline ingine.

Ae 20 "P-1"'s wur built, wi 11 vehicles uisin the "FG4A" ingine. Sax units wur providit tae the Isesaki Ota Honjo taxi company for private testin, wi successful results.

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