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Subaru Libero/Sumo

The Subaru Sumo, kent as the Libero in European markets apairt frae the UK an Norrowey, an as the Domingo in the Japanese mercat, wis a microvan produced frae 1983 tae 1998. In Swaden, it wis kent as the Columbuss. It wis an aa cawed the Subaru E10 an Subaru E12 respectively due tae the size o the ingine. The Sumo shared mony characteristics wi the Sambar, except it haed extendit front an rear bumpers an a lairger ingine borraed frae the Subaru Justy. Acause o thir modifications, it didna conform tae kei caur regulations, which stipulate the maximum dimensions o the vehicle an the maximum ingine displacement requirements, which then determine the vehicle tax tae be peyed.

It wis launched wi the option o fower-wheel drive an pouered bi 1.0- an 1.2-litre 3-cylinder EF ingines based on those uised in the Subaru Justy awtho in the van thay wur rear mountit. Somewha unuisual for a microvan, the 1200cc Sumo coud be ordered wi selectable 4WD, operatit via a gear stick mountit button. In normal drivin conditions, ae the rear wheels wur driven, as thare wis nae central differential tae allae hieway drivin in 4WD mode. In 1994, Subaru's Full Time 4WD wis addit tae the options leet wi the ECVT transmission ae an a viscous coupling. An ile cuiler wis installed on European versions tae better facilitate licht duty towin.

The Sumo wis discontinued when the saxt generation Sambar wis introduced, an the mercat that the Sumo wis targetit at wasr efocused towards the Subaru Forester, which, in comparison tae the Sumo, haed permanent 4WD, a mair potent 2.5 L boxer ingine an increased cargo capacity. In Japan, the Domingo mercat segment is nou served bi the Subaru Exiga, which is capable o carryin up tae seiven passengers.

A mair passenger-caur-lik Subaru Domingo hie-ruif van wi 997 cc, later 1189 cc ingines an coil springs at the rear wis addit in October 1983. It haed a lenth o 341/342.5 cm an a width o 143 cm. This vehicle wad stay available well efter the release o the next generation Sambar. In the export the ingine became a 665 cc an the vehicle wis cawed Subaru 700 (lenth 322.5 cm).

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