Daihatsu Sirion

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M100 Series Sirion

The Daihatsu Sirion is a subcompact caur/supermini produced bi the Japanese automaker Daihatsu since 1998 an marketit variously as the Daihatsu Storia , Daihatsu Boon, Toyota Duet and Toyota Passo.

The Sirion wis launched in 1998 an haes since unnergane fower upgrades, ane in 2000, anither in 2001/2002, anither in 2004/2005 an anither in 2006/2007. The version o the Sirion on sale in Europe an Australie in 2005 wis first released in Japan in Juin 2004 under the names Daihatsu Boon an Toyota Passo. Malaysian caur maker Perodua rebuilds an re badges the Sirion as the Perodua Myvi.

It effectively replaced the similar sized Charade, which wis produced alangside it for a year until being axed in 1999.