Sonya Smith

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Sonya Smith
BornSonya Eleonora Smith Jacquet
(1972-04-23) 23 Aprile 1972 (age 52)
Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie, U.S.
Hauf-marrae(s)Gabriel Porras (2008-2013)
PawrentsIleana Jacquet
Federico Albertini Smith

Sonya Eleonora Smith Jacquet [ˈsonja eleoˈnoɾa ˈsmit dʒaˈket] (born 23 Aprile 1972) is an American-born Venezuelan actress best kent for her roles in telenovelas.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie, she is the dochter o German-born Venezuelan actress Ileana Jacquet an Federico Albertini Smith, who is pairt-Colombie an pairt-American. Efter her parents divorcit, her actress mither alang wi Smith went back tae Venezuela; Smith grew up in Venezuela an identifees hersel wi Venezuelan cultur.[1] She speaks fluent Spainyie (which is spoken wi Philadelphia Inglis accent), Inglis, an German; the latter is learned frae her mither who is a German who grew up in Venezuela. She studiet college for psychologie in Universidad Central de Venezuela

Her breakthrou came in the early 1990s when she played Estrellita Montenegro, the main character in Cara Sucia, her maist successful telenovela as the lead actress. Smith remains a popular actress no anerlie in Venezuela, in ither kintras whaur her telenovelas hae shown an aw. In 2006, she returned tae telenovelas wi Olvidarte Jamás, her biggest hit as the lead actress syne Cara Sucia, which wis shot in Miami; this is the time whaur Smith returned tae her birth kintra, but this time in Miami. Later, in 2007, she reappeared in Acorralada, in which she wis ane o the main starns an which haes been a huge success. Thare, she wis Fedora Gaviota.

Durin 2005, Smith made her Hollywood debut, playin Angela LaSalle in Cyxork 7, whaur she actit aloagside Ray Wise; awtho Smith recently lives in the Unitit States an appeared in a Hollywood film, she still wants tae remain mair in the Spainyie media o the kintra acause the Spainyie media opened opportunities for her tae fame.[2] In 2007 she pairticipatit in anither Hollywood film, Ladrón que roba a Ladrón, whaur she shared credits wi actors, Fernando Colunga, Gabriel Soto, Miguel Varoni, Saul Lizaso, Ivonne Montero, Oscar Torre an Ruben Garfias amang ithers.

In 2007 she actit in Telemundo's Pecados Ajenos, whaur she played her first antagonist role, the hysterical Elena Sandoval.

In 2010 she actit in Telemundo's ¿Dónde Está Elisa?, whaur she played Dana Riggs Altamira.

In 2011 she actit in Telemundo's Aurora, whaur she played Angela Amenábar.

In 2012, she played a special appearance in Telemundo's Corazón Valiente, whaur she played her seicont antagonist role as Isabel Uriarte. In 2013 she actit in Telemundo's Marido En Alquiler whaur she played Gabriela Carillos.

Personal wittins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Smith secretly marriet Mexican actor Gabriel Porras, her co-starn in the telenovela Olvidarte Jamas, on 29 Februar 2008. They reside in Miami, Florida. They annooncit their divorce on 24 Juin 2013.

Filmografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Televeesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mi Familia Perfecta (USA, 2018 Telemundo) as Dakota Johnso[eedit | eedit soorce]

Film[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Unknowns (USA, 2011) - DA Riley[3]
  • Hunted by Night (2010) - Tania
  • I Didn't Know How I Was (2008) - Detective Higgins
  • I Didn't Know Who I Was (2008) - Michelle
  • La Misma Luna (USA, 2008) - Mrs. Snyder
  • Tiempo final(2007) - Claudia
  • Ladrón que roba a Ladrón (USA, 2007)
  • Cyxork 7 (USA, 2005)
  • Fragile (2005)
  • East LA King (2004)
  • The Ghost Club (2003)
  • The Triangle (2001)
  • The Private Life of Silvia Saint (2001) - Sonia
  • The Best by Private 26: Heaven on Earth (2001)
  • Dangerous Things 2 (2000)
  • World War 1: The Killing Fields (2000)
  • Masterpiece Theatre: All the King's Men (2000)
  • Net Surfers (1999)
  • Havana Connection (1994) - Dr. Young
  • Un sueño en el abismo (1991)
  • El desprecio (1991)
  • Pacto de sangre (1985)
  • Por Ti Mama
  • Trampa Mortal
  • Simeon Calamaris
  • The Havana Connection
  • The Phantom Lady
  • Juventud, Divino Tesoro
  • El Alcalde de Zalamea
  • Los Clasicos... Enredos
  • Zarzuela Bajo las Estrellas
  • Los Empenos de una Casa
  • Salon Mexico

Theatre[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Una Pareja Con Angel
  • Hormigas caminando sobre una axila
  • Divine Treasure of Youth (Los Angeles)
  • Bodas de Sangre
  • Monologos de la Vagina

Awairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Latin Pride National Awards (for Outstanding Woman Achievement, 2008)
  • Miami Life Award (2011)

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