Shadows of the Past

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Shadows of the Past is the debut album bi the Finnish metal baund Sentenced. It wis released in 1991 an re-issued bi Century Media in 1995, includin the "Journey To Pohjola" demo. It wis re-issued again in 2001 wi "North From Here" an again in 2008 as a 2CD set alang wi their first twa demos. The album features mair prominent daith metal elements than woud be present later in their career. On the introduction speech o North from Here 2008 re-release Jarva states that at the time o Shadows of the Past the baund wis juist a "Death clone" amangst ithers, so the baund chose tae pursue a mair technical an personal-soondin direction on their seicont album.

The album haes haed three different covers: the oreeginal release drawn bi Luxi Lahtinen, the Century Media 1995 reissue drawn bi Taneli Jarva, an the 2008 reissue which is a reproduction o a medieval woodcut print. This version an aa includes an insert featurin the first twa covers.

Trackleet[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. When the Moment of Death Arrives - 6:04
  2. Rot to Death - 3:45
  3. Disengagement - 5:17
  4. Rotting Ways to Misery - 5:50
  5. The Truth - 6:23
  6. Suffocated Beginning of Life - 6:06
  7. Beyond the Distant Valleys - 5:59
  8. Under the Suffer - 5:19
  9. Descending Curtain of Death - 5:50
  10. Wings - 5:08
  11. In Memoriam - 5:26
  12. Mythic Silence (As They Wander in the Mist) - 4:14

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]