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Muhos is a municipality o Finland.

It is hauf an oor, an (35 km) away on route 22 frae the ceety o Oulu, the caipital o Northren Finland an is pairt o the Northren Ostrobothnie region. The municipality haes a population o 8,846 (31 Mairch 2010)[1] an covers an aurie o 797.42 square kilometres (307.89 sq mi) o which 13.78 km2 (5.32 sq mi) is watter. The population density is 11.29 indwallers per square kilometre (29.2 /sq mi). The river Oulujoki flows throu the toun an its kintraside wi the wide open plains o Pohjanmaa on the sooth side o the river an the forestit hills o Kainuu on the northren side. Locatit in Muhos is the Pyhäkoski hydro-electric pouer plant which wis commissioned in 1949 an haes the hichtest faw in Finland (32.4 m). The pouer station haes been designed bi renouned Finnish architect Aarne Ervi.

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