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Samashki (Roushie: Самашки; Chechen: Саьмаӏашка) is a landwart locality (a selo) in Achkhoy-Martanovsky Destrict o Chechnie, Roushie, locatit on the wastren plains. Population: 11,275 (2010 Census);[1] 10,824 (2002 Census).[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Syne 1992, it is a border veelage wi the Republic o Ingushetie. The pre-war population of Samashki coontit aboot 14,600 fowk (aboot 12,000 in October 1999[3]).

Durin baith Chechen Wars the veelage suffered greatly frae the hostilities,[3] maist notably in the notorious Aprile 1995 incident kent as Samashki massacre which resultit in the daiths o mair nor 100 tae 300 civilians.

In Mairch 1996 anither attack on the toun teuk the form o a full-scale assault wi apparent disregard for the civilian lives; accordin tae Human Rights Watch, Roushie forces uised civilians as a human shields on APCs.[4] Reports suggestit some 500 civilians wur killed aathegither in the result o the Aprile 1995 an Mairch 1996 attacks.[5] The next month, Roushie journalist Nadezhda Chaikova, who haed filmit the effects o the 1996 attack, wis killed execution-style in Chechnie.[6]

A devastatin airtillery an rocket attack on Samashki teuk place in October 1999 at the beginnin o the Seicont Chechen War, despite the demilitarization o the veelage,[7] killin or injurin dozens o residents on the day o 27 October 1999 alane, accordin tae HRW.[8] At the time, the deputy commander o the North Caucasus Militar Destrict annooncit that thare wur anerly "bandits an terrorists" in Samashki,[5] but a report for the Breetish pairlament claimit civilians wur killed in revenge for the hivy casualties suffered thare bi Roushie forces durin the first war.[9]

Federal forces reporti a lairge-scale operation in Samashki in Mey 2000.[10]

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

A railway line frae Nazran tae Grozny runs throu Samashki. The RostovBaku Heich-gate, which connects Nazran, Grozny, an Gudermes, lees fower kilometres tae the sooth o Samashki.

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