Seicont Chechen War

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Seicont Chechen War
Pairt o Chechen–Roushie conflict
DateBattle phase: 26 August 1999 – Mey 2000[5]
Insurgency phase: Juin 2000 – 15 Aprile 2009
(9 years, 7 months and 3 weeks)
LocationChechnie, Roushie

Decisive Roushie victory.


 Roushie Federation

Republic o Ichkerie
Caucasus Emirate
Caucasian Front
- Arab Mujahideen
- Turkis Mujahideen
Commanders an leaders
Vladimir Putin
Igor Sergeyev
Viktor Kazantsev
Boris Yeltsin
(until 31 December 1999)
Gennady Troshev
Vladimir Boldyrev
Alexander Baranov
Anatoliy Serdyukov
Sergei Ivanov
Nikolai Patrushev
Valentin Korabelnikov
Anatoly Kvashnin
Yuri Baluyevsky
Akhmad Kadyrov 
Alu Alkhanov
Ramzan Kadyrov
Sergey Abramov
Mukhu Aliyev
Aslan Maskhadov 
Abdul Halim Sadulayev 
Dokka Umarov 
Ilyas Akhmadov
Turpal-Ali Atgeriyev 
Isa Munayev 
Akhmed Avtorkhanov 
Ibn al-Khattab 
Abu al-Walid 
Abu Hafs al-Urduni 
Ali Taziev (POW)
Supyan Abdullayev 
Shamil Basayev 
Ruslan Gelayev 
Salman Raduyev 
Sulim Yamadayev 
Rappani Khalilov 
Yassir al-Sudani 
Abdulla Kurd 
~80,000 (in 1999) ~22,000[6]–30,000[7]
(in 1999)
Casualties an losses
3,536–3,635 sauldiers,[8][9]
2,364–2,572 Interior meenistry truips,[10][11][12]
1,072 Chechen polis officers[13][14] an
106 FSB an GRU operatives killed[15]
Tot killed: 7,217–7,425*
14,113 militants killed (1999–2002)[16]
2,186 militants killed (2003–2009)[17]
Total killed: 16,299
Ceevilian casualties:
Estimate up tae 25,000 killed an up tae 5,000 "disappeared" in Chechnie (AI estimate),[18]
Estimate tot nummer o casualties:
~80,000 killed in Chechnie (GfbV estimate),[19]
Mair in neighbourin regions,
Mair nor 600 killed during attacks in Roushie proper.
Tot killed militar/ceevilian: ~50,000–80,000
  • The Committee o sauldiers' mithers group disputit the offeecial govrenment coont o the nummer o war dead an claimed that 14,000 Roushie servicemen war killed during the war frae 1999 tae 2005.[20]

The Seicont Chechen War wis launched bi the Roushie Federation, stairtin 26 August 1999, in response tae the Invasion o Dagestan bi the Islamic Internaitional Brigade (IIB).

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