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Rocha Depairtment

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Banner o Rocha Depairtment
Coat of airms o Rocha Depairtment
Coat airms
Kintra Uruguay
Caipital o DepairtmentRocha
 • IntendantArtigas Barrios
 • Rulin pairtyFrente Amplio
 • Total10,551 km2 (4,074 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total68,088
 • Density6.5/km2 (17/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (UYT)
ISO 3166 codeUY-RO

Rocha is a depairtment in the east o Uruguay. Its caipital is the ceety o Rocha. It border Maldonado Depairtment tae its wast, Lavalleja Depairtment tae its northwast, Treinta y Tres Depairtment tae its north, while tae its northeast Laguna Merín forms pairt o it border wi Brazil an at the sooth end o the lake it borders the soothmaist end o Brazil, wi the ceety o Chuy "shared" atween baith kintras, the border passin throu its main commercial avenue.

Rocha haes naitural beauties lik Cabo Polonio, Valizas, Santa Teresa Naitional Pairk. It is weel kent for its beach resorts, lik Punta del Diablo or La Esmeralda, which swell wi visitors durin the simmer holidays. Inland, the primar economy o Rocha is based on lairge cattle ranches.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 7 Julie 1880, the depairtment o Rocha wis formit frae territory that haed belangit tae the depairtment o Maldonado syne the first diveesion o the Republic in depairtments in 1816.

Population an Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Topographic cairt o Rocha Depairtment showin main populated places an roads

As o the census o 2011, Rocha Depairtment haed a population o 68,088 (33,269 male an 34,819 female) an 46,071 hoosehaulds.[1]

Demografic data for Florida Depairtment in 2010:

  • Population growth rate: -0.082%
  • Birth Rate: 14.04 births/1,000 fowk
  • Daith Rate: 10.44 daiths/1,000 fowk
  • Average age: 35.0 (34.0 male, 36.0 female)
  • Life Expectancy at Birth:
    • Tot population: 75.82 years
    • Male: 72.17 years
    • Female: 79.43 years
  • Average per hoosehauld income: 19,978 pesos/month
  • Urban per capita income: 8,635 pesos/month

2010 Data Source:[2]

Main Urban Centres[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population statit as per 2011 census. [3]

Ceety / Toun Population
Rocha 25,422
Chuy 9,675
Castillos 7,541
Lascano 7,645
La Paloma 3,495
Cebollatí 1,609
La Aguada y Costa Azul 1,090
Velázquez 1,022

Ither touns an veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population statit as per 2011 census.[1]

Town / Village Population
18 de Julio 977
Punta del Diablo 823
San Luis al Medio 598
La Coronilla 510
Puimayen 505

Landwart population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the 2011 census, Rocha depairtment haes an addeetional landwart population o 4,146.

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