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Ceety an Commune
View o Pirque
View o Pirque
Coat o airms o Pirque
Coat o airms
Comuna de Pirque.svg
Pirque is locatit in Chile
Location in Chile
Coordinates (city): 33°38′S 70°33′W / 33.633°S 70.550°W / -33.633; -70.550
Kintra Chile
Region Santiago Metro.
Province Cordillera
 • Teep Municipality
 • Total 445.3 km2 (171.9 sq mi)
Population (2002 Census)[1]
 • Tot 16,565
 • Density 37/km2 (96/sq mi)
 • Urban 9,651
 • Landwart 6,914
 • Men 8,384
 • Weemen 8,181
Time zone CLT[2] (UTC-4)
 • Simmer (DST) CLST[3] (UTC-3)
Aurie code(s) 56 +
Wabsteid http://www.portalpirque.cl Portal Pirque

Pirque is a commune o Chile in Cordillera Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region; it is locatit 2.8 kilometres SE o Puente Alto an 21.3 kilometres SSE o the centre o Santiago. It is situatit in a muntain chain.

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Almenar de Pirque Heich Schuil

Accordin tae the 2002 census o the Naitional Statistics Institute, Pirque spans a aurie o 445.3 km2 (172 sq mi) an haes 16,565 inhabitants (8,384 men an 8,181 weemen). O these, 9,651 (58.3%) livit in urban auries an 6,914 (41.7%) in landwart auries. The population grew bi 45.7% (5,197 bodies) atween the 1992 an 2002 censuses.[1]

Stats[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Population: 20,518 (2006 projection)[4]
  • Average annual hoosehauld income: US$21,537 (PPP, 2006)[4][deid airtin]
  • Population belaw poverty line: 9.1% (2006)[5]

Admeenistration[eedit | eedit soorce]

As a commune, Pirque is a third-level admeenistrative diveesion o Chile admeenistered bi a municipal cooncil, heidit bi an alcalde who is directly electit ivery fower years.

Athin the electoral diveesions o Chile, Pirque is representit in the Chamber o Deputies bi Mr. Osvaldo Andrade (PS) an Mr. Leopoldo Pérez (RN) as pairt o the 29t electoral destrict, (thegither wi Puente Alto, San José de Maipo an La Pintana). The commune is representit in the Senate bi Soledad Alvear Valenzuela (PDC) an Ena von Baer (UDI) as pairt o the 8t senatorial constituency (Santiago-East).

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