Santiago (commune)

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Coat of airms o Santiago
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Location of Santiago
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Location in Chile
Coordinates (city): 33°26′14″S 70°39′02″W / 33.43722°S 70.65056°W / -33.43722; -70.65056
RegionSantiago Metro.
Establisht12 Februar 1541
 • TeepMunicipality
 • MayorCarolina Tohá (PPD)
 • Total22.4 km2 (8.6 sq mi)
579 m (1,900 ft)
 (2002 Census)[4]
 • Total200,792
 • Density9,000/km2 (23,000/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Landwart
 • Men99,155
 • Weemen101,637
Time zoneUTC-4 (CLT [5])
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (CLST [6])
WebsiteMunicipality of Santiago

The Commune o Santiago is the central commune o the Santiago Province, locatit at the centre o the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile's Central Zone. Locally, Santiago is uisually abbreviatit Stgo. It is cried as "Santiago Centro" (Dountoun Santiago) an aw.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety o Santiago wis foondit on 12 Februar 1541 as "Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura" bi Pedro de Valdivia. It is offeecially the provincial, regional an naitional caipital. It encompasses the auldest pairt o the ceety —that enclosed bi auld rail lines—, includin dountoun, an hooses aw major govrenment infrastructur, includin the govrenment palace La Moneda.

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the 2002 census o the National Statistics Institute, the commune haes an aurie o 22.4 km2 (9 sq mi) an a population o 200,792 (99,155 men an 101,637 weemen), givin it a population densitie o 8,963.9/km2 (23,216/sq mi). The population shrank bi 13.1% (30,185 persons) in the ten years syne the 1992 population o 230,977.[4] In 2002, thare wur 17,514 hoosehaulds,[1] each wi an average income o $28,648 in PPP US dollars in 2006.

The commune is subdividit intae 29 census destricts.

Admeenistration[eedit | eedit soorce]

As a commune, Santiago is a third-level admeenistrative diveesion o Chile admeenistered bi a municipal cooncil, heidit bi an mayor who is directly electit ivery fower years. Syne 2012 the mayoress is Carolina Tohá Morales (PPD).[2][3]

Athin the electoral diveesions o Chile, Santiago is representit in the Chamber o Deputies bi Alberto Cardemil (RN) and Felipe Harboe (PPD) as pairt o the 22nt electoral destrict. The commune is representit in the Senate bi Guido Girardi Lavín (PPD) an Jovino Novoa Vásquez (UDI) as pairt o the 7t senatorial constituency (Santiago-Wast).

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