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Born20 Julie 1304(1304-07-20)
Arezzo, Italy
Dee'd19 Julie 1374(1374-07-19) (aged 69)
Arquà, Italy
ThriftScholar, poet
PeriodEarly Renaissance
Leeterar muivementRenaissance humanism
BairnsGiovanni (1337–1361)
Francesca (born in 1343)
RelativesEletta Canigiani (mither)
Ser Petracco (faither)

Francesco Petrarca (Italian pronunciation: [franˈtʃesko peˈtrarka]; 20 Julie 1304 – 19 Julie 1374), commonly anglicised as Petrarch, wis an Italian scholar an poet in Renaissance Italy, an ane o the earliest humanists. His rediskivery o Cicero's letters is eften creditit wi ineetiatin the 14t-century Renaissance. Petrarch is eften conseedert the foonder o Humanism.[1] In the 16t century, Pietro Bembo creatit the model for the modren Italian leid based on Petrarch's warks, as weel as thae o Giovanni Boccaccio, an, tae a lesser extent, Dante Alighieri.[2] Petrarch wad be later endorsed as a model for Italian style bi the Accademia della Crusca.

Petrarch's sonnets war admired an imitatit ootthrou Europe in the Renaissance an becam a model for lyrical poetry. He is an aw kent for bein the first tae develop the concept o the "Daurk Ages."[3]

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