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Francesco Petrarca00.jpg
Born 20 Julie 1304(1304-07-20)
Arezzo, Italy
Dee'd Julie 19, 1374(1374-07-19) (aged 69)
Arquà, Italy
Thrift Scholar, poet
Naitionality Italian
Period Early Renaissance
Leeterar muivement Renaissance humanism
Bairns Giovanni (1337–1361)
Francesca (born in 1343)
Relatives Eletta Canigiani (mither)
Ser Petracco (faither)

Francesco Petrarca (Italian pronunciation: [franˈtʃesko peˈtrarka]; Julie 20, 1304 – Julie 19, 1374), commonly anglicised as Petrarch (/ˈptrɑːrk, ˈpɛtrɑːrk/), wis an Italian scholar an poet in Renaissance Italy, an ane o the earliest humanists.