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JSTOR vector logo.svg
Teep o steid
Deegital librar
Available in Inglis (includes content in ither leids)
Awner ITHAKA[1]
Creautit bi Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Wabsteid jstor.org
Alexa rank negative increase 2,674 (October 2016)[2]
Registration Yes
Launched 1995; 24 years ago (1995)
Current status Active
OCLC nummer 46609535

JSTOR (short for Journal Storage) is a deegital librar foondit in 1995. Oreeginally conteenin deegitised back issues o academic jurnals, it nou an aa includes beuks an primar soorces, an current issues o jurnals.[3] It provides full-text sairches o awmaist 2,000 jurnals.[4] Mair nor 8,000 institutions in mair nor 160 kintras hae access tae JSTOR;[4] maist access is bi subscription, but some aulder public domain content is freely available tae onyane.[5]

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