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Pemzashen Պեմզաշեն is located in Armenie
Pemzashen Պեմզաշեն
Coordinates: 40°35′36″N 43°56′24″E / 40.59333°N 43.94000°E / 40.59333; 43.94000
 • MayorAnanik Voskanyan
 • Total2,646

Pemzashen (Armenie: Պեմզաշեն; umwhile Makhmudzhug, Mahmnutcuk, an Magmudzhuk) is a veelage in the Shirak Province o Armenie. Durin the Soviet era a sewin factory, construction materials plant, an a pairts factory tae supply hydro-electric stations wur based oot o Pemzashen. Efter the collapse o the USSR, maist o the veelage's residents hae foond thairsels oot o wirk an mony o the men hae muivit tae Roushie tae fynd jobs. In the past 15 year, ower 300 faimilies hae muivit awa frae the veelage. Thare is the problem o a lack o irrigation watter for crops or hoosehauld gardens, an the laund aroond the veelage is no flat or fertile (due tae nae irrigation). Plans are currently unnerwey tae put in an irrigation seestem.

In the middle o veelage is a 7t century kirk adjacent tae the foondations o a 5t century basilica. Juist wast o the veelage aff o the main road leadin frae Pemzashen tae Artik is Arakelots Vank o the 11t century. Alang the road sooth tae Lernakert, is Makaravank biggit in the 10t tae 13t centuries forby, wi the kirk o Surb Sion o 1001. In the gorge belaw is a sma kirk biggit on earlier foondations constructit in the 18t century wi a hermits cell cut intae the cliff face ahint.

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