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Anipemza is locatit in Armenie
Coordinates: 40°26′55″N 43°36′15″E / 40.44861°N 43.60417°E / 40.44861; 43.60417
Kintra Armenie
Marz (Province)Shirak
 • Tot523
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 ( )
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Anipemza (Armenie: Անիպեմզա,Roushie: Анипемза) is a veelage an landwart commonty (municipality) in the Shirak Province o Armenie. The Naitional Statistical Service o the Republic o Armenie (ARMSTAT) reportit its population wis 523 in 2010,[1] up frae 349 at the 2001 census.[2]

Anipemza is locatit on Armenie-Turkey border on a bank o Akhurian River on which opposite coast thare are ruins o the auncient Armenie ceety o Ani in Turkey. In 7 km tae the north frae veelage thare is Ry station 'Ani' o Armenie Railweys. Anipemza wis foondit in 4t century bi Kamsarakan princes. The veelage Anipemza is well kent for ruins o Yererouk basilica o 4t-5t century. Near tae veelage the industrial complex o biggin materials (processin o Pumice, Tuff, Andesite) is locatit.

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