Pavel Nakhimov

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Pavel Nakhimov
Pavel Nakhimov.jpg
Born5 Julie 1802
Greenwich Village, Vyazma uyezd, Roushie Empire
Dee'd12 Julie 1855
Sevastopol, Roushie Empire
AllegianceRoushie Empire
Service/branchImperial Roushie Navy
Years o service1818–1855

Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov (Roushie: Па́вел Степа́нович Нахи́мов; 5 Julie [A.S. 23 Junie] 1802 – 12 Julie [A.S. 30 Junie] 1855) wis a Roushie admiral, ane o the maist important in the history o Roushie. He led the naval an land forces in the Siege o Sevastopol, during the Crimean War.

On 10 Julie 1855 Nakhimov wis shot bi a sniper while he wis inspecting the forward-defense positions in the Fort Malakoff, an dee'd twa days later.