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Banner o Palmela
Coat of airms o Palmela
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Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 38°40′N 8°58′W / 38.667°N 8.967°W / 38.667; -8.967
Kintra Portugal
SubregionPenínsula de Setúbal
 • MayorAna Teresa Vicente (CDU)
 • Total463.0 km2 (178.8 sq mi)
 • Total58,222
 • Density126/km2 (330/sq mi)
Parishes (no.)5
Municipal holiday
June 1

Palmela (Portuguese pronunciation: [pɐɫˈmɛlɐ]) is a toun an municipality in Portugal wi a total aurie o 463 km2 (179 sq mi) an a total population o 58,222 inhabitants.

The municipality is componit o 5 pairishes, an is locatit in Setúbal Destrict, aboot 25 km (16 mi) sooth o Lisbon.

The municipal holiday is 1 Juin.

Pairishes[eedit | eedit soorce]

General information[eedit | eedit soorce]

View o Palmela, wi the Municipality biggin (foregrund) an castle uphill.
Castle o Palmela an surroondin landscape.

The toun's name comes frae the Roman foonder, Cornelius Palma (Palmella). Palmela, ance a fortress, wis conquered bi the Portuguese in the 12t century, frae Muslim invaders. It is locatit up a hill in the Arrábida aurie, an it's a semi-landwart toun, richt in the middle o Portugal's biggest urban aurie, tho the fact that mony fowk are muivin in frae big ceeties like Lisbon represents a problem. Wild fires in the region are anither threat tae the environs.

The toun's ex libris is the castle (Castelo de Palmela), which affers a unique view ower the whole region o Setúbal's Peninsula, Lisbon, an the Atlantic Coast. It wis a strategic place in past centuries, an the day it is still a main knot o Portugal's road an rail networks.

Palmela is hame tae mony multinaitional industrial plants like Volkswagen or Coca-Cola, an a significant nummer o foreign faimilies live in the aurie. The local radio aften broadcasts in Ukrainian.

Palmela's tradeetional products are the wine, which haes achievit internaitional awairds in several festivals like Bordeaux's, an the Queijo de Azeitão (Azeitão's cheese), vera appreciatit an aw. Thare are several festivals dedicatit tae these products, bein the maist famous the Festa das Vindimas (Vines' Festival) an the Festival do Queijo, Pão e Vinho (Festival o Cheese, Bread an Wine).

Palmela is the birthplace o the Portuguese splorer Hermenegildo Capelo an, as a curiosity, whaur some famous indwallers such as Hans Christian Andersen wur briefly hostit.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipality is famit for the production o fruit an wine.

In the 1990s, the joint-ventur Volkswagen-Ford AutoEuropa vehicle production plant opened, tae produce the Mk1 MPV sauld unner three marques: Volkswagen Sharan, SEAT Alhambra, an Ford Galaxy. Efter Ford left the joint-ventur, the plant haes syne continued tae produce the Volkswagen an SEAT products, an addit the Volkswagen Eos an Volkswagen Scirocco.

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