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Pairth (Inglis: Perth, Scots Gaelic: Peairt)[1], kent in auld Scots as Sanct Johnstoun, is a ceitie an unwhyl mukkil toun, ceitie aforehaund an ryal burgh in central Scotland. Liggin on the River Tay, it is the heidsteid o the Pairth an Kinross cooncil aurie an the historic coontie toun o Pairthshire. Acordin til a 2008 estimate, Pairth haes 44,820 indwallers.

The toun's name cums frae a Pecht wird for wid or shaw, an links the toun til the Pechts deskreivit bi the Romans. The Pechts syn jynt wi the Scots ti form the kingrik o Alba that haes syn becam kent as Scotland. The name Perth haes syn been uisit for monie ither touns an ceities athort the warld. The maist weil-kent o thaim is Perth, Wastren Australie — cried siclyk at the wiss o Sir George Murray, Secretar o State for War an the Colonies, wha wis born in Pairth. Pairth haes been kent as The Fair Ceitie sin the publication o the storie Fair Maid of Perth bi Scots writer Sir Walter Scott in 1828. Durin the medieval eild the toun wis cried St John's Toun or Saint Johnstoun, in referenss til the toun's main kirk dedicated til St John the Baptist. The name is aye preservit in the toun's fitbaa club, cried St Johnstone.

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Coordinates: 56°23′49″N 3°26′13″W / 56.397°N 3.437°W / 56.397; -3.437