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Olga Bogomolets

Olga Bogomolets, MD (Ukrainian: Ольга Богомолець, romanised: Olha Bohomolets; born March 22, 1966) is a Ukrainian sangster, sangwriter an physeecian, Honoured Doctor o Ukraine, professor o the Bogomolets National Medical Varrsity (namit efter her great-grandfaither, Oleksandr Bohomolets),[1] the foonder an chief doctor o the Institute o Dermatology an Cosmetology.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Olga Bogomolets wis born in 22 Mairch 1966 in Kiev, in a faimily o doctors. She comes frae auld Lithuanie-Rus gentry (Pomian coat o airms), whose oreegin goes back tae the 15t hunderyear.

In 1989, she graduatit frae Kyiv Medical Institute (nou the Bogomolets Naitional Medical Varsity, Kyiv). In 1993-1994, studiet in Pennsylvania Medical Varsity (Pennsylvanie, US) an the Bernard Ackerman’s Institute o dermatopathology (Philadelphia, US).

Efter the return frae US, she haed stairtit aff her awn Clinic o Laser Medicine, nou kent as the Dr. Bogomolets’ Institute o Dermatology an Cosmetology. Syne 2003 till nouadays – the chief doctor o the Institute o Dermatology an Cosmetology. Frae Dizember 2004 tae October 2005, Bogomolets wis the personal physeecian o the Preses o Ukraine.

Bogomolets is the organizer o the annual naitionwide charitable campaign "Day o melanoma".

She is the author o mair nor 70 research wirks on dermatology an awner o 9 patents for inventions in this branch o medicine. Bogomolets is a member o the American Academy of Dermatology, European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, an a member o New York Academy of Sciences.

Airts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bogomolets is kent as a sangster performin modren an auld Ukrainian romances on leerics bi Ukrainian poets (Lina Kostenko, Olena Teliga etc.) an her awn an aw. She is the winner o Aw-Ukrainian singin poetry contest "Oberig" (The Gairding Sign) an internaitional sang contests "Sopot" (Poland) an "White Sails" (Ukraine). The winner o the Special Awaird o “Radio Liberty” (1991). She plays heidlines in Ukraine, USA, Fraunce, Swaden, Germany, Poland an in the kintras o Central Europe. Aw her concerts are charitable an aimit tae support socially unprotectit fowk an Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Olga Bogomolets shows her collection tae the visitors tae the Radomysl Castle

Syne 2004, Bogomolets haes been arrangin exhibitions o Ukrainian hame icons frae her collection in order tae spread the Ukrainian cultur an make it popular – both in Ukraine and abroad.

Bogomolets is the foonder o the historical an cultural complex "Radomysl Castle" (2007), comprisin the Museum o Ukrainian hame icons - the first an anerly o its kynd in the warld. She haed foondit airt-haw Kairos in the centre o Kyiv.

Bogomolets is kent as a active organizer an pairticipant o ceevic campaigns against illegal biggin wirks ruinin historical an cultural relics an monuments o Ukraine an aw. In November 2013 she encouragit her students tae tak pairt in the Euromaidan protests.[2]

Personal[eedit | eedit soorce]

Olga Bogomolets haes fower childer – a son an three dochters.

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