Radomysl Castle

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Radomysl Castle
The Radomysl castle's awner - Mrs. Olga Bogomolets
Radomysl Castle. The Museum o Ukrainian Hame Icons. The Ceremonial Haw's piece o exhibition

Radomysl Castle is a historical an cultural complex creatit in 2007–2011 bi Olga Bogomolets MD, a Ukrainian doctor an public activist. The castle's centre is an auld flour mill built in toun Radomyshl (Zhytomyr region, Ukraine) in the late 19t century bi Pols ingineer Piekarski. The mill wis constructit upon the ruins o a paper mill built in 1612 bi the order o the airchimandrite (abbot) o Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra Yelisey Pletenetsky (1550–1624). During research conductit durin the reconstruction o this biggin, it wis discovered that it haed been planned tae be uised as a fortress. Syne 2011, Radomysl Castle is the pairt o the Cooncil o Europe’s cultural project cried Via Regia, its purpose tae promote cultural exchynges bi means o tourism atween European kintras.

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