Oficina de Envigado

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The Office o Envigado
FoonditDiego Murillo Bejarano
Foondin locationMedellin, Colombie
Years active1993-present[1]
TerritoryMedellin, its aurie an aw Antioquia Depairtment
Creeminal activitiesDrog trokin, extortion, murther, money launderin, terrorism, buitleggin an gun-runnin
AlliesLos Zetas, Los Rastrojos, Colombie paramilitar drog groups
RivalsThe Usuga Clan

La Oficina de Envigado (Scots: The Office o Envigado) is a drog cairtel operatin oot o the ceety o Envigado, Colombie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oreeginally foondit bi umwhile Popular Leeberation Airmy guerilla Diego Murillo Bejarano, aka Don Berna, as an enforcement wing for the Medellín Cartel. Murillo housomeivver fell oot wi Pablo Escobar, an joined forces wi Los Pepes tae help oost him. The Office an it's operations then began tae be affiliatit wi the Unitit Sel-Defense Forces o Colombie, an Murillo organised drog trokin operations on their behauf. The Office controlled a fearsome enforcement gang an aw, La Terraza, ane o the maist feared sicario in the kintra.[2]

Efter the AUC demobilisit in 2005, Murillo wis arrestit for the murther o a local politeecian, although managit tae run his empire frae preeson an made a deal wi the authorities tae uise his pouer tae keep violence tae a minimum. In 2008 housomeivver Murillo wis extraditit alangst ither paramilitar leaders, an the Office wis hurt bi infechtin atween rival factions led bi Maximiliano Bonilla an Erick Vargas, aka Sebastian, as well as conflict wi the Los Urabeños. Vargas was arrested at his ranch in August 2012.[3]

Gang activities[eedit | eedit soorce]

As well as drogs, the Office controls a nummer o casinos an gamblin establishments an aw, which it uises tae launder money. The Office haes links wi local authority figurs an polis officers an aw, some o which muinlicht as assassins. It haes alliances wi Los Rastrojos an Los Zetas in Mexico. [4]

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