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Diego Murillo Bejarano

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Diego Murillo Bejarano
Born (1961-02-23) 23 Februar 1961 (age 63)
Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, Colombie
Ither namesDon Berna, Adolfo Paz
ThriftLeader o the Unitit Sel-Defence
Forces o Colombie
an The Office
o Envigado
Criminal penalty
27 tae 33 years impreesonment
Conviction(s)Drog trokin, money launderin

Diego Fernando Murillo Bejarano, kent as Don Berna or Adolfo Paz an aw, is a umwhile leader o the Unitit Sel-Defence Forces o Colombie (AUC) paramilitar group operatin in Colombie, as well as the leader o the The Office o Envigado cairtel. He stairtit wirkin for the Medellín Cairtel an wis ultimately tae lead its militia wing. Efter internal vendettas he became ane o Pablo Escobar's mony enemies an became pairt o the Los Pepes organisation heidit bi the Castaño brithers, Carlos an Fidel. The organisation controlled a vera pouerful an bloodthirsty gang o hitmen namit La Terraza (The Terrace). He then commandit twa paramilitar blocs, the Cacique Nutivara Bloc an the Granada Heroes Bloc.

He became third in the chain o command o the AUC an an a key player durin the peace process in Santa Fe de Ralito, Córdoba atween his organisation an the govrenment o Colombie, till he wis accuised bi a court o bein responsible for the daith o a deputy. He then escapit frae Santa Fe de Ralito an surrendered tae authorities fower days later.

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