Los Rastrojos

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Los Rastrojos
Foondin location Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombie
Years active 2004–present
Territory Colombie, Venezuela, Ecuador, Central Americae, Mexico.
Ethnicity Colombies an Creeminals o various ethnicity are employed
Membership 1,500
Creeminal activities Murther, drog trokin, extortion, Airms trokin, Money launderin, Ilegal Gowd Minin.
Allies Sinaloa Cairtel, Daniel Barrera Barrera, The Office o Envigado
Rivals Usuga Clan[1]

Los Rastrojos is a Colombie drog trokin organisation engagit in the Colombie airmit conflict. The group wis formit bi Norte del Valle Cairtel capo Wilber Varela, alias "Jabon" an ane o his richt-haund men, "Diego Rastrojo", aroond 2004 whan Varela fell oot wi fellae-capo Diego León Montoya Sánchez, alias "Don Diego".[2] The group became unthirlt efter the murther o it main foonder in Venezuela in 2008 an haes syne become ane o the maist important drog trokin organisation in Colombie.

The group funds itsel primarily bi trokin cocaine, marijuana an heroin, an illegal gowd minin, thus takkin advantage o heich gowd prices in 2010 an 2011.[3][4]

Los Rastrojos are, thegither wi the Norte del Valle cairtel, are considered the "heirs" o the Cali Cairtel. Ither reports allege Los Rastrojos are in fact the same as the Norte del Valle cairtel, anerlie wirkin unner a new name an takkin advantage 'o a strang netwirk o assassins, distributors an contacts in the internaitional mercats'.[5] the group focuses on buyin coca frae the source, processin it thairsels an sellin it wholesale for internaitional distribution or shippin it thairsels throu Central Americae an Mexico.

They are believit tae operate mainly in Valle del Cauca an Cali, awtho thare are reports o them spreadin their zone o influence tae ither pairts o Colombie an wastren Venezuela.[6] Membership is estimated at 1,200 to 1,500 fighters and hitmen.[7] Several members of Los Rastrojos have been killed or arrested in Venezuela by the Venezuelan armed forces.[8]

Oreegins[eedit | eedit soorce]

"The Rastrojos stairtit in 2002, as the airmit wing for Wilber Varela, alias "Jabon." At the time, Varela wis fechtin a rival in the Norte del Valle Cairtel, Diego Montoya, alias "Don Diego," an Montoya's private airmy, the "Machos." Varela lieutenant Diego Pérez Henao, alias "Diego Rastrojo recruitit its first members, hence the group teuk on his name."[5]

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