NuScale Power

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NuScale Power
IndustrieNuclear pouer
FoonditCorvallis, Oregon, USA
FoonderPaul G. Lorenzini and Jose Reyes
HeidquartersTigard, OR 97224
Key fowk
John Hopkins (CEO)
ProductsSmall Modular Reactors (SMR)

NuScale Power is a private limited liability company headquartered in Tigard, Oregon that designs an markets small modular reactors (SMRs). As o 2014, the Unitit States Department of Energy projected its technology would be commercially available around the year 2025.

NuScale was foonded based on research funded by the Department of Energy from 2000 tae 2003. After funding was cut, scientists with the program obtained related patents in 2007 an started NuScale tae commercialize the technology. In 2011, the company's largest investor, Michael Kenwood Group, had its assets frozen due tae an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.[1] The SEC investigation was not related to any of Kenwood's dealings with NuScale, but Kenwood's assets were frozen just as NuScale was expecting additional funding. The company experienced financial hardship until new funding was obtained from Fluor Corporation an later from the Department of Energy. NuScale is currently planning the first NuScale power plant in Idaho.

NuScale's SMR designs are for 9 feet (2.7 m) diameter bi 65 feet (20 m) high reactor vessels that use conventional light watter cooling methods. Each module is intended tae be kept in an underground pool an is expected tae produce about 60 megawatts o electricity. It uses passive watter circulation that can operate withoot pouered pumps or circulatory equipment.

NuScale Power is also exploring potential opportunities in the Unitit Kinrick.[2]

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