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Noyemberyan is locatit in Armenie
Coordinates: 41°10′21″N 44°59′37″E / 41.17250°N 44.99361°E / 41.17250; 44.99361
Kintra Armenie
Marz (Province) Tavush
Population (2008)
 • Tot 5,560
Time zone   (UTC+4)
 • Simmer (DST)   (UTC+5)

Noyemberyan (Armenie: Նոյեմբերյան, Romanisit as Noyemberyan an aw; till 1938, Barana) is a ceety in northeast o Armenie in the Tavush Province. It is locatit on the river Koghb, 187 km frae Yerevan an in 22 km frae railwey station Ayrum, on the Yerevan-Tbilisi route. Azerbaijan's border is anerlie few kilometres frae the ceety.

Tae the sooth o ceety thare are slopes o Voskepar ridge, tae the north an wast - Gugarats ridge.

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