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Aknaghbyur is locatit in Armenie
Coordinates: 40°57′30″N 45°09′23″E / 40.95833°N 45.15639°E / 40.95833; 45.15639
Kintra Armenia
Marz (Province) Tavush
Population (2009[1])
 • Tot 551
Time zone   (UTC+4)
 • Simmer (DST)   (UTC+5)

Aknaghbyur (Armenie: Ակնաղբյուր; till 1967, Nerkin Agdan an Nerkin Aghdan, Roushifee'd as Nizhniy Agdan, frae 1967 tae 1970, Morut) is a toun in the Tavush Province o Armenie. Aknaghbyur wis foondit in 451 in honor o Vardan Mamikonian an is ane o Armenie’s auldest rural commonties.[1] In recent years, ArmeniaFund haes launched an completit several vital projects on the infrastructur o the toun, such as the construction o a gas pipeline an an irrigation seestem an the renovation o the drinkin-watter seestem.[1]

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