North Kosovo

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North Kosovo

Северно Косово / Severno Kosovo

Ibarski Kolašin
Disputit Region
North Kosovo
North Kosovo is markit in orange
CaipitalNorth Kosovska Mitrovica (de facto)
 • Serbie Assembly o Kosovo an MetohijaRadovan Ničić
 • Serbie Naitional Cooncil for Kosovo an MetohijaMilan Ivanović
 • Meenistry for Kosovo an MetohijaGoran Bogdanović
 • Total1,259 km2 (486 sq mi)
 Includin: Leposavić, Zvečan, Zubin Potok an North Kosovska Mitrovica
 • Total72,500
 • Density58/km2 (150/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (UTC)

North Kosovo or Northren Kosovo (Serbie: Северно Косово, Severno Kosovo; Albanie: Kosova Veriore) refers tae a territory in the northren pairt o the disputit region o Kosovo, wi an ethnic Serb majority that functions independently frae the remainder o the region, which haes an ethnic Albanie majority.[1][2] Ibarski Kolašin (Serbie Cyrillic: Ибарски Колашин; Albanie: Kollashini i Ibrit), a toponym that pre-dates the poleetical pairtition, is uised tae refer tae the aurie an aw. Neither the name nor the boondary haes ony offeecial status in either Kosovar Albanie or Serbie designation: tae Pristina, the borders mark a laund which is left alane tae function autonomously; tae Belgrade, the entire region remains subject tae the terms o the Kumanovo Treaty.

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