Ninoy Aquino Internaitional Airport

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Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Ninoy Aquino
NAIA Terminal 3 2009 MC.jpg
Façade of NAIA Terminal 3
Airport teep Public
Awner/Operator Manila International Airport Authority[1]
Serves Greater Manila Aurie
Location Parañaque an Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hub for
Elevation AMSL 23 m / 75 ft
Coordinates 14°30′31″N 121°01′10″E / 14.50861°N 121.01944°E / 14.50861; 121.01944Coordinates: 14°30′31″N 121°01′10″E / 14.50861°N 121.01944°E / 14.50861; 121.01944
MNL/RPLL is locatit in Philippines
Location in the Philippines
Direction Lenth Surface
m ft
06/24 3,410 11,188 Asphalt concrete
13/31 1,998 6,555 Asphalt concrete
Statistics (2013)
Passengers 32,865,000
Increase 3.1%
Total international flights 87,629
Increase 9.9%
Total domestic flights 149,421
Decrease 4.1%
Cargo (2012) (in metric tons) 460,135.15
Increase 12.1%

The Ninoy Aquino Internaitional Airport (Filipino: Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Ninoy Aquino) or NAIA /ˈn.ə/, kent as Manila Internaitional Airport (IATA: MNLICAO: RPLL), is the airport servin Manila an its surroondin metropolitan aurie. Locatit alang the border atween the ceeties o Pasay an Parañaque, aboot 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) sooth o Manila proper an soothwast o Makati, NAIA is the main internaitional gatewey for travelers tae the Philippines an is the hub for aw Philippine airlines. It is managit bi the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), a branch o the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

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