Nihon Varsity

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Nihon University
Nihon University Casals Hall[1]
LocationChiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
35°41′28″N 139°44′15″E / 35.691°N 139.737608°E / 35.691; 139.737608Coordinates: 35°41′28″N 139°44′15″E / 35.691°N 139.737608°E / 35.691; 139.737608
Campus622 acre (252 ha)

Nihon Varsity is ane o the auldest private varsities in Japan.

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Nihon University Junior College
LocationNarashino, Chiba Prefectur
35°43′24.2″N 140°3′36.7″E / 35.723389°N 140.060194°E / 35.723389; 140.060194
Kanagawa Prefectur
35°22′44.5″N 139°28′1.4″E / 35.379028°N 139.467056°E / 35.379028; 139.467056
Shizuoka Prefectur
35°7′54.9″N 138°54′53.4″E / 35.131917°N 138.914833°E / 35.131917; 138.914833
, Japan

Nihon Varsity an aw haes a junior college.

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