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A 17t century miniatur o Nasreddin in the Topkapı Palace Museum Leebrar.

Nasreddin or Nasreddin Hodja[1] wis a Seljuq satirical Sufi, born in Hortu Veelage in Sivrihisar, Eskişehir Province, present-day Turkey an dee'd in 13t century in Akşehir, near Konya, a caipital o the Seljuk Sultanate o Rum, in the day's Turkey.[2] He is conseedert a populist filosofer an wise man, remembered for his funny stories an anecdotes.[3][4] He appears in thoosands o stories, whiles witty, whiles wise, but eften, too, a fuil or the butt o a joke. A Nasreddin story uisually haes a subtle humour an a pedagogic naitur.[5] The Internaitional Nasreddin Hodja fest is celebratit btween 5 an 10 Julie in his hametoun every year.[6]

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