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Bosnian (Bosanski, Cyrillic script: босански, Bosnian pronunciation: [bǒsanskiː]) is a name commonly uised for Serbo-Croatian as spoken bi Bosniaks; as a standardized form o the Shtokavian dialect, it is ane o three Serbo-Croatian standards uised offeecially in Bosnie an Herzegovinae.[1] The same subdialect o Shtokavian is also the basis o standard Croatian, Serbian, an Montenegrin, so all ar mutually intelligible. Up till the dissolution o umwhile SFR Yugoslavia, they wur treatit as a unitary Serbo-Croatian leid, an that term is still uised tae refer tae the common base (vocabulary, grammar an syntax) o what ar today offeecially fower naitional standards. The Bosnian standard uises the Latin alphabet, though the Cyrillic alphabet is also acceptit, chiefly tae accommodate previous uisage in the former SFR Yugoslavia, but is seldom uised in practice.

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  1. See Art. 6 of the Constitution of the Federation o Bosnie an Herzegovinae, available at the official website of Office of the High Representative in Bosnie an Herzegovinae