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Seaside Resort of Mongaguá
Banner o Seaside Resort of Mongaguá
Official seal of Seaside Resort of Mongaguá
Location in the state o São Paulo an the kintra o Brazil.
Location in the state o São Paulo an the kintra o Brazil.
Coordinates: 24°05′15.3″S 46°37′44″W / 24.087583°S 46.62889°W / -24.087583; -46.62889Coordinates: 24°05′15.3″S 46°37′44″W / 24.087583°S 46.62889°W / -24.087583; -46.62889
StateSão Paulo
 • MayorArtur Parada Prócida
 • Total143.171 km2 (55.279 sq mi)
 • Laund290.3 km2 (112.1 sq mi)
8 m (26 ft)
 • Total46,977
Time zoneUTC-2 (Brasília time)

Mongaguá is a municipality in the state o São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2006 is 46,977, the population density is 328.11/km² an the aurie is 143 km². The name comes frae the Tupi leid.

The municipality's street plan is on a planned grid runnin frae SSE tae NNW an mony o the hooses are athin sicht o the Atlantic Ocean. The populatit aurie o Mongaguá is near the bottom o steep-slopin an densely forestit muntains. The BR-101 superheich-gate linkin Santos an the soothren pairt o the state runs throu Mongaguá. The freewey tae the ceety o São Paulo is easily accessible an aw. Hoosin developments near the beaches wur biggit in the 1970s an the 1990s. Prior tae the construction o the hoosin developments, the population wis mainly landwart. Hoosin development continues tae this day.

Thare are twa aboriginal veelages in Mongaguá: Itaóca an Aguapéu, located in the Atlantic Mata reserve. The aboriginal commonty o Aguapéu conceivit o the project Jaguatareí Nhemboé (Walkin an Learnin).

Population history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Population Density
2004 43,384 303.38/km²
2006 46,977 328.11/km²

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

North: Praia Grande, São Paulo an São Vicente
Wast: Itanhaém Mongaguá East: Atlantic Ocean, São Vicente an Praia Grande
Sooth: Atlantic Ocean

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