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Mazda Verisa
2004 Mazda Verisa 01.jpg
Manufacturer MazdaDY
Production 2004–present
Body and chassis
Cless Subcompact caur / mini MPV
Body style 5-door hatchback
Platform Mazda DY platform
Wheelbase 2,490 mm (98.0 in)
Lenth 3,975 mm (156.5 in)
Weenth 1,695 mm (66.7 in)
Hicht 1,530 mm (60.2 in)

The Mazda Verisa is a subcompact caur based on the jointly-ingineered Mazda DE platform. It wis launched bi the Japanese automaker in 2004 an is ae available in Japan.[1] The Verisa can be considered either a 'tall hatchback' or a 'law mini MPV'. The relationship atween the Mazda Verisa an the mair popular Mazda Demio is similar tae that o the Ford Fusion (Europe) an the Ford Fiesta. Its height o 1,530 mm (60.2 in) is similar tae ither Japanese boxy subcompact caurs an lawer than European mini MPVs like the Fiat Idea an Opel Meriva.

Accordin tae Mazda the name Verisa wis creatit bi combinin the Italian wird 'verita' (truth) wi the Inglis wird 'satisfaction', an the intendit result o the term Verisa is tae signify 'true fulfillment'. The caur is built wi the watchwirds “simple, quality an compact” an is targetit towards couples in their 30s wi individual style an values.[1] There is a Japanese wabsteid that shows the Versia factory an shop options.[2]

First generation (2004-present)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Verisa comes in front wheel drive (2WD) an electronic fower wheel drive (e4WD) configurations. There is ane ingine option that delivers the follaein pouer an efficiency figures:

  • kW(PS)(Imperial HP) = 83(113)(111)/6,000rpm
  • N.m(kgf.m) = 140(14.3)/4,000rpm
  • km/L (2WD) = 18.4 combined
  • CO2 (2WD) = 126.2 g/km
  • km/L (e4WD) = 17.2 combined
  • CO2 (e4WD) = 135 g/km

In financial year 2004 Mazda produced 19,473 an sauld 18,526 units.[3] In financial year 2005 Mazda produced 14,336 an sauld 14,416 units.[4] The summary information for financial year 2006 an onwards wis no published on the Mazda website. Housomivver, month bi month breakdouns for domestic sales o individual caur models are available.[5]

The Verisa received updates in 2006[6] and 2009[7]. Twa special editions o the caur hae been released, the 'Brown Collection' in 2005[8] an the 'Stylish V' in 2007[9].

Seicont generation[eedit | eedit soorce]

A seicont generation is expectit tae be released in 2011. The caur haes gained internaitional admirers who question why it haes no been made mair widely available.[10]

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