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Mazda Navajo
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Production 1991–1994
Assembly Louisville, Kentucky
Body and chassis
Cless Mid-size SUV
Body style 3-door SUV
Layoot Front ingine, rear-wheel drive / fower-wheel drive
Relatit Ford Explorer
Ford Ranger (North American)
Mazda B-Series (North American)
Ford Aerostar
Ingine 4.0 liter Cologne V6 160 hp (119 kW)
Transmission Ford C3-based A4LD 4-speed automatic
Mazda 5-speed manual
Wheelbase 102.1 in (2,593 mm)
Lenth 175.3 in (4,453 mm)
Weenth 70.2 in (1,783 mm)
Hicht 68.1 in (1,730 mm)
Successor Mazda Tribute

The Mazda Navajo was a 2-door SUV introduced in 1991, an Mazda's vera first off-roader. An aa, the Navajo wis Mazda's ae truck-based SUV. Available ae as a fower-wheel drive, twa-door vehicle, the Navajo wis essentially a rebadged Ford Explorer Sport. It wis marketit in the Unitit States ae, as Mazda Canadae did no want tae mercat an SUV. Aw Navajos wur biggit in Louisville, Kentucky, whaur the Explorer wis biggit.

Tae set the twa apairt, the Navajo haed a different grille, taillights an wheels. Inside, it wis even harder tae tell ane frae the ither, as seat fabrics, typeface on the instrument cluster (but the same design) an the steerin wheel hub wur the ae apparent differences. Twa trim levels for the Navajo wur affered, base an LX. The base version affered pouer windaes, pouer locks an pouer mirrors as standard. The LX addit features sic as extra interior n an a leather-wrapt steerin wheel. An optional premium package loadit up the Navajo wi luxuries includin air conditionin, a stereo seestem wi cassette deck, cruise control, sport seats wi pouer lumbar adjustment an a pop-up/removable muinruif.

A rear-wheel drive Navajo wis available for 1992, geared towards fowk who liked the sporty image o an SUV, but did no need fower-wheel drive. Base models wur nou cawed the DX, mair in keepin wi the Japanese manufacturer's wey o referrin tae thair base versions (sic as Mazda's awn 626 DX). Itherwise, the Navajo chynged sae little that maist o the photography uised in the 1991 brochure wis reuised for the 1992 brochure. As expectit, the 1993 Navajo picked up the same mechanical upgrades as the Explorer, sic as increast pouer for the V6 ingine an fower-wheel anti-lock brakes. Unlik the Explorer, housomeivver, the ae ither chynge wis an optional CD player. New five-spoke alloy wheels for the Navajo LX wur the ae chynge for 1994, which wis the Navajo's last year. Sales whaur poor an the Navajo wis eventually replaced wi Mazda Tribute (based on the Ford Escape) in 2001, seiven years efter the Navajo wis discontinued. The Navajo wisMotor Trend magazine's Truck o the Year for 1991.