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See an aa Mazda 121 for ither caurs uisin this name

The Autozam Revue wis a subcompact caur frae Mazda's Autozam marque, introduced in October 1990 in Japan. The demise o that marque led tae the caur's being renamed the Mazda Revue frae 1994 till 1998. The caur wis an aa sold in Europe, Australie, Chile an some ither export markets as the Mazda 121, where it replaced the previous 121 based on the first-generation Ford Festiva.

The Revue wis available as a sma 4-door sedan wi an optional canvas sunroof addit in 1992. 1.1 L, 1.3 L an 1.5 L ingines wur affered, wi either 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

In 1996, the 121 name wis shiftit tae export versions o the Mazda Demio, a tall, five-door hatchback, which became exportit as the Mazda2 in its seicont generation. A Ford Fiesta, assembled at Ford's Valencia plant barely modified, but rebadged as the Mazda 121, wis an aa sauld in some markets efter 1996 (where the Demio wis sauld at the same time wi its original name). Sales o the Revue endit in Japan in Juin 1998.

In Australie, The Mazda 121 wis aften referred tae as the Bubble caur or Jellybean wi the caur's colour aften addit tae the latter, for example: The little green jellybean. It wis hichtlie awardit in Australie, toppin its class in mair nor ane year frae a range o automotive magazines, motorin associations an motorin programs on television.

The Revue wis sauld in Breetain as the Mazda 121, but its unconventional compact saloon body style saw it competin in a virtually non-existent market in Breetain, as caurs o the size haed amaist universally been hatchbacks for some years prior tae the 121's arrival. Some buyers likent it tae the Austin A35, but whitiver qualities it haed tae affer wur inadequate for attractin sales, as it wis a rare sicht on Breetish roads frae stairt tae feenish.

Specifications[eedit | eedit soorce]

1994 Mazda 121

Ingines[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1990-1994 : 1.1 L (1138 cc) B1, 8-valve, carburetor, SOHC.
  • 1990-1998 : 1.3 L (1323 cc) B3, Inline 4-cylinders, SOHC 16V, SPFI, 1323 cc, 73 PS (54 kW; 72 hp) /5600 rpm, 10.5 kg·m (103 N·m; 76 ft·lbf) /3600 rpm
  • 1991-1998 : 1.5L (1498cc) B5, 16-valve, injector, SOHC, 88 PS (65 kW; 87 hp)