Max von Laue

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Max von Laue
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-U0205-502, Max von Laue.jpg
Laue in 1929
Born Max Theodor Felix Laue
9 October 1879(1879-10-09)
Pfaffendorf, Kinrick o Proushie, German Empire
Died 24 Apryle 1960(1960-04-24) (aged 80)
Wast Berlin
Naitionality German
Alma mater Varsity o Strasbourg
Varsity o Göttingen
Varsity o Munich
Varsity o Berlin
Kent for Diffraction o X-rays
Awairds Nobel Prize for Pheesics (1914)
Matteucci Medal (1914)
Max Planck Medal (1932)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Varsity o Zürich
Varsity o Frankfurt
Varsity o Berlin
Max Planck Institute
Doctoral advisor Max Planck
Doctoral students Leó Szilárd
Friedrich Beck
Max Kohler
Erna Weber
Ither notable students Fritz London

Max Theodor Felix von Laue (9 October 1879 – 24 Aprile 1960) wis a German pheesicist who won the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1914 for his discovery o the diffraction o X-rays bi crystals.