Martin McGuinness

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Martin McGuinness
Martin McGuinness MLA.jpg
First Minister depute o Norlin Airlan
In office
8 Mey 2007 – 9 Januar 2017*
Servin with Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson, Arlene Foster
Precedit biMark Durkan
Succeedit biMichelle O'Neill
Minister o Eddication
In office
2 December 1999 – 14 October 2002
First MeenisterDavid Trimble
Reg Empey (Acting)
First Minister deputeSeamus Mallon
Mark Durkan
Precedit biOffice establishit
Succeedit biCaitríona Ruane
Parliamentary Representation
Member o the Legislative Semmlie
far Foyle
In office
6 Mey 2016 – 26 Januar 2017
Precedit biMaeve McLaughlin
Succeedit biElisha McCallion
Member o the Legislative Semmlie
far Mid Ulstèr
In office
25 Juin 1998 – 6 Mey 2016
Precedit biConstituency established
Succeedit biLinda Dillon
Member o Pairlament
far Mid Ulstèr
In office
1 Mey 1997 – 2 Januar 2013
Precedit biWilliam McCrea
Succeedit biFrancie Molloy
Majority15,363 (37.6%)
Personal details
BornJames Martin Pacelli McGuinness
23 Mey 1950(1950-05-23)
Derry, Norlin Airlan
Dee'd21 Mairch 2017(2017-03-21) (aged 66)
Derry, Norlin Airlan
Spoose(s)Bernadette Canning (m. 1974)
*John O'Dowd servit as actin dFM frae 20 September 2011 tae 31 October 2011 while McGuinness campaignit in the 2011 Erse presidential election.

James Martin Pacelli McGuinness (Erse: Séamus Máirtín Pacelli Mag Aonghusa;[1] 23 May 1950 – 21 March 2017) wus an Earse republican, Sinn Féin politician wha wis the First Minister depute o Norlin Airlan frae Mey 2007 tae Januar 2017. 

An umwhile Provisional IRA leader, McGuinness wus MP fur Mid Ulster frae 1997 till his resignatioun in 2013.[2][3] Like aw Sinn Féin MPs, McGuinness abstainit frae participation in the Wastmeenster Pairlament.  Follaein the St Andra's Greeance an the Semmlie election in 2007, he becam First Minister depute o Norlin Airlan oan 8 Mey 2007, wi Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader Ian Paisley becomin First Minister. Oan 5 Juin 2008 he wus re-appointit as First Minister depute tae serve alangside Peter Robinson, wha succeedit Paisley as First Minister.[4] McGuinness umwhile servit as Minister o Eddication in the Norlin Airlan Executive atween 1999 an 2002. He wis Sinn Féin's candidate fur Preses o Ireland in the 2011 election.[5][6][7]

Warking alangside US Special Envoy George Mitchell, McGuinness wus yin o the main architects o the Guid Fryday Greeance an aw, whit formally cementit the Norlin Airlan peace process.[8]

On 9 Januar 2017, McGuinness resigned as First Minister depute in a protest ower tha Renewable Heat Incentive scandal.[9] He announcit oan 19 Januar thit he widnae be standin fur re-election tae the Norlin Airlan Assemlie in the 2 Mairch 2017 election due tae ill health. He reportedly sufferit frae amyloidosis, a condition thit attacks the vital organs, an retirit shortly afore his death oan 21 Mairch 2017, agit 66.[10][11]

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