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Arlene Foster

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Arlene Foster

First Minister o Norlin Airlan
Assumed office
11 Januar 2020
Servin with Michelle O'Neill
In office
11 Januar 2016 – 9 Januar 2017*
Servin with Martin McGuinness
Precedit biPeter Robinson
Leader o tha Democratic Unionist Party
Assumed office
17 Decemmer 2015
DeputeThe Laird Dodds o Duncairn
Precedit biPeter Robinson
Minister fur Enterprise, Trade an Investment
In office
9 Juin 2008 – 11 Mey 2015
First MeenisterPeter Robinson
First Minister deputeMartin McGuinness
John O'Dowd (actin)
Precedit biNigel Dodds
Succeedit biJonathan Bell
Minister for the Environment
In office
8 Mey 2007 – 9 Juin 2008
First MeenisterIan Paisley
First Minister deputeMartin McGuinness
Precedit biDermot Nesbitt
Succeedit biSammy Wilson
Member of the Legislative Assemlie fur Fermanay an Sooth Tyrone
Assumed office
26 Novemmer 2003
Precedit biJoan Carson
Minister for Finance and Personnel
In office
11 Mey 2015 – 12 Januar 2016
First MeenisterPeter Robinson
First Minister deputeMartin McGuinness
Precedit biSimon Hamilton
Succeedit biMervyn Storey
Personal details
BornArlene Isabel Kelly
(1970-07-17) 17 Julie 1970 (age 53)[1]
Enniskillen, Coontie Fermanay, Norlin Airlan
Poleetical pairtyDemocratic Unionist Party
Ither poleetical
Independent (2003-2004)
Ulster Unionist Party (afore 2003)
Spoose(s)Brian Foster
Alma materQueen's Varsity Belfast
WabsteidOfficial wabsteid
*Foster served as Acting First Minister frae 11 January 2010 – 3 February 2010 an 10 September 2015 – 20 October 2015 while Robinson wus oan leave.

Arlene Isabel Foster PC (née Kelly; born 17 July 1970) is a Norlin Airisch politician servin as First Minister o Norlin Airlan syne Januar 2020, an umwhile frae 2016 till 2017.  She haes servit as leader o the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) syne 2015 an member o the Norlin Airlan Assemlie (MLA) fur Fermanay an Sooth Tyrone syne 2003.

Foster servit in the Norlin Airlan Executive as Minister o the Environment frae 2007 till 2008, Minister fur Enterprise an Investment frae 2008 till 2015 an Minister fur Finance an personnel frae 2015 till 2016. In Januar 2016, Foster becam First Minister o Norlin Airlan an sharit pouer wi Martin McGuinness.

McGuinness resignit as First Minister depute in Januar 2017 amid the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal, whit inveigled a green energy scheme thit Foster began durin her time as Minister fur Enterprise an Investment.  The scheme wus set tae cost the taxpayer £490 million an there war allegations o malversation surroundin it. McGuinness askit Foster tae step aside as First Minister while her involvement in the scheme wus investigated, but she refuist tae receid or demit an said thit the voices callin fur her resignatioun war "misogynists and male chauvinists".[2]  Unner the terms o the Norlin Airlan pouer-sharin greeance, tha Guid Fryday Greeance, tha First Minister an First Minister depute are equal. Tharefore, Foster couldnae bide in her post as First Minister, even in a janitorial capacity.  McGuinness's resignatioun causit a 2017 snap Semmlie election tae be haudit, in whit the DUP lost 10 seats.

In Januar 2020 she becam First Minister o Norlin Airlan efter the cabinet wus reinstatit.

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