Norlin Airlan Executive

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Norlin Airlan Executive
Established2 December 1999 (1999-12-02)
LeaderFirst Minister an First Minister depute
Appyntit biNorlin Airlan Assemlie
Main organExecutive Committee
Annual budgetGB£12.2 billion (2020-21)[1]
HeidquartersStormont Castle, Stormont Estate, Bilfawst

Tha Norlin Airlan Executive (Erse: Feidhmeannas Thuaisceart Éireann; Inglis: Northern Ireland Executive) is tha devolved govrenment o Norlin Airlan, an administrative pairt o tha Norlin Airlan Assemlie. It's answerable to tha assemlie and wus initially sat up bi tha terms o tha Norlin Airlan Act 1998, that follaed tha Guid Frydey Greeance (Bilfawst Greeance). Tha executive is cawed tha Executive Committee o tha assemlie in tha legislation. It's an ensample o govrenment whutch is cuman tae wirk thegither (consociationalist).

Tha Norlin Airlan Executive consists o tha First Minister an First Minister depute an various ministers with individual portfolios and remits. Tha main assembly pairties appoint maist ministers in tha executive, except for tha Minister of Justice who is elected bi a cross-community vote. It is yin o three devolved govrenments in tha Unitit Kinrick, tha ithers bein tha Scots an Welsh Govrenments.

In Januar 2017, tha First Minister depute resinged ower a stramash anent tha Renewable Heat Incentive, an tha Norlin Airlan Executive clyted. Civil servants luiked ower tha govrenance of Norlin Airlan in a janitorial capacity till Januar 2020, whan tha pairties cum tae a greeance an tha Executive wis efter restairtit.

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