Preses o Ireland

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Preses o Ireland
Seal o the Preses
Staundart o the Preses
Michael D. Higgins

since 11 November 2011
StylePresident (A Uachtaráin) or
Your Excellency (A Shoilse)
ResidenceÁras an Uachtaráin
NominatorMembers o the Oireachtas or local cooncils
AppynterDirect popular vote
by Instant-runoff voting
Term lengthSeiven year
(renewable yinst)
Inaugural holderDouglas Hyde
Furmation25 Juin 1938
Salary€249,014 annual-like[1],%20

The Preses o Ireland (Erse: Uachtarán na hÉireann) is the heid o state o Ireland an the Supreme Commander o the Irish Defence Forces.

The current Preses is Michael D. Higgins, wha wis electit on 29 October 2011. His inauguration wis held on 11 November 2011. He wis re-electit on 26 October 2018.

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