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Margalit Tzan'ani

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Margalit Tzan'ani
Background information
Born (1948-12-19) 19 December 1948 (age 75)
Netanya, Israel
GenresMizrahi, Soul, Arab
ThriftSangster, TV host
Years active1971 - present
Associate actsRachel Shapira, Jaroslav Jakubovic

Margalit Tzan'ani (Hebrew: מרגלית צנעני‎‎, born 19 December 1948[1]), kent as Margol an aw, is an Israeli sangster an telly personality. Tzan'ani is famous for her repertoire o Israeli oriental muisic style wi soul influences, as well as jazz, blues, rock, pop an Arab muisic.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Margalit wis born in Netanya tae a releegious Yemenite Jewish faimily. She wis the eldest o seiven childer. Her faither, Shalom, wis a diamond industrie wirker, an her mither, Lola, wis a hoosewife.[2] She marriet Mordy Lavie in 1977 an haes ane son, Assaf. She divorcit in 1985. For mony years she performit at weddins an private events. She wirkit at a stall in the Jaffa flea mercat an as a salesgirl at Hamashbir Latzarchan depairtment store an aw. The day she lives in Azor, a veelage on the ootskirts o Tel Aviv, wi her son, who writes some o her sangs.[2]

Muisical career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tzan'ani stairtit her career at the age o 19 in the Israeli production o "Hair", whare she performit alangside Svika Pick an Tzedi Tzarfati.[2] For the audeetion, she sang Rak al atzmi lesaper yadati, based on a poem bi the poetess Rachel.[2]

She wis an extra in the movie "Kazablan", released in 1973. That year, she pairticipatit in the muisical "Lili Gam" (Lili Too) wi Izhar Cohen an Roman Sharon an aw. Tzan'ani wirkit atween the years 1970-1980 in a successfu weddin baund cried "Shokolada". In 1985 she teuk pairt in the sang "Rotzim Shalom" ("We Want Peace"), an Israeli version o the sang "We Are the World". Tzan'ani's breakthrough wis in 1986, when she appeared in "Siba LiMesiba" (A raison for a Pairty) a Friday nicht telly show hostit bi Rivka Michaeli on IBA. She sang "Na'ari Shuva Elay" (My Boy, Come Back tae Me), ane o her biggest hits.

Her first album, cried "Na'ari Shuva Elay" an aw, wis released in 1986, wi the help o Yehuda Keysar an muisical adapter Haim Hadad. Keysar an Hadad peyed for the master recordin an sauld it tae Nissim Ben-Haim, her first producer. She pairticipatit in the Israeli Kids Festival o that year wi "Asaf Sheli" (My Asaf).

In 1989, Tzan'ani released the album Menta (Mint), her first collaboration wi Jaroslav Jakubovic who adaptit it in jazz style an componed some o the sangs. The album includit hits lik "Od Yehiye Li" (I'll Have) an "Menta". That same year, she jynt the cast o the movie "Al Hapanim", thegither wi Rivka Michaeli an Nuli Omer an appeared in the Fesitgal childer's sangs contest wi the sang "Nesikhot Shkhorot" (Black Princesses) which came in third.

In 1990, her album "Homot Hemar" (Clay Barriers) wis released, again producit bi Jakubovic, an for the first time includit sangs Margol wrote. That year, she pairticipatit in the Festigal again, this time wi the sang "Gan Eden" (Heaven) that came fift.

Tzan'ani performit wi Shlomo Gronich in the Arad festival o 1992. Thegither thay recordit the sang "Bama'agal" (In the circle) for Dan Shilon's prime time Channel 2 show "Beshidur Hai" (Live Broadcast).

In 1995, she teuk pairt in the sang "Kutonet Pasim" (Coat o mony colors) record in Israel Defense Forces Radio, as pairt o an Immigrant Absorption Meenister o Israel's information campaign. That year, she released anither album, "Eretz Esh Eretz Yam" (Fire Land, Sea Land).

In 1997, she released anither album cried "Hofshi" (Free), includit the sangs "Hofshi", "Alhembera Cofee" an "Maybe". In 1998, she recordit a kiver version o the Israeli classic sang "Pizmon Ha'Agada" (The Legend's Chours) for the album "Avoda Ivrit", on which famous Israeli muisickers recordit kiver versions tae Israeli classics, for notin the 50 years celebration o Israel's unthirldom. She made a kiver version o "Like Drunk" bi Zohar Argov for the album "Friends Singing Zohar" in his memory an aw.

Maist o the "LeOlam" (Forever), released in 2003 wis written bi Margol. In 2005, she released the album "Galeh Li" (Tell Me) that includit the super-hit "Az Ma?!" (Sae What?!). Maist o this album's sangs wis written bi her son. In 2006, she released her album "Hameytav." That simmer she went tae Americae wi Yardena Arazi, Ilanit, Ruti Navon an Shlomit Aharon for a tour o Jewish communities.

Muisical influences[eedit | eedit soorce]

In an interview wi Haaretz newspaper, Tzan'ani citit Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Turner an Aretha Franklin as major influences.[2]

Televeesion career[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1993, Tzan'ani hostit her awn talk-Show, "Margol, on Channel 2.

In 2001, she hostit the ceukin show BaMitbakh im Margol (In The Kitchen Wi Margol) on the Briza Channel an teuk pairt in the panel o a talk show on the same channel. Tsan'ani hosted radio shows an aw. Tzan'ani teuk pairt in the comic drama series "Pick Up" on Channel Ten as the mither o Gili. She haes been parodiet on the comedy show Eretz Nehederet.

In 2006, she wis chosen tae be a judge in Kokhav Nolad, the Israeli version o American Idol. She haes continued in this capacity for fower series.[2]

Ither wirks[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2007, Tzan'ani voicit Darlin' in the Ebreu dub o the animatit film Everyone's Hero.

Allegations o extortion[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 16 August 2011 Israeli Polis arrestit Tzan'ani durin a raid on her hame. She wis chairgit wi extortion an blackmail against her manager, Assaf Atedgi. Tzan'ani denied the chyrges against her.[3]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1986 - Na'Ari Shuva Elay
  • 1989 - Menta
  • 1990 - Homot Hemar
  • 1993 - Erez Esh Eretz Yam
  • 1997 - Hofshi
  • 2003 - LeOlam
  • 2005 - Gale Li
  • 2006 - Gowd
  • 2009 - Davka hayom

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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