Marco Polo

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Marco Polo
Marco Polo - costume tartare.jpg
Polo weirin a Tatar outfit, date o prent unkent
Born 1254
presumably Venice, Republic o Venice
Died 8 Januar 1324(1324-01-08) (aged 69–70)
Venice, Republic o Venice
Restin place
Kirk o San Lorenzo
45°26′14″N 12°20′44″E / 45.4373°N 12.3455°E / 45.4373; 12.3455
Naitionality Italian
Thrift Merchand, explorer, writer
Kent for The Traivels o Marco Polo
Hauf-marrae(s) Donata Badoer
Childer Fantina, Bellela an Moretta
Parents Mither: Nicole Anna Defuseh
Faither: Niccolò Polo

Marco Polo (1254 - 8 Januar 1324) wis an Italian merchant. He gaed ti Cheenae durin the Mongol Dynasty. He wis weelkent acause Europeans foond the accoont o his traivels ti be gey interestin an unco. Westren fowk in thae days didna ken the Eastren world.

Antrin scholars thinks that Marco Polo gaed ti Cheenae, but didna gang til aa the places spikken aboot in his beuk.