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Malishka Village, Armenia.jpg
Malishka Մալիշկա is locatit in Armenie
Malishka Մալիշկա
Coordinates: 39°44′13″N 45°23′15″E / 39.73694°N 45.38750°E / 39.73694; 45.38750
Kintra Armenie
Province Vayot Dzor
Population (2008)
 • Tot 4,533

Malishka (Armenie: Մալիշկա) is a toun in the Vayots Dzor Province o Armenie.

Malishka is the seicont lairgest veelage in Armenie bi population an the lairgest bi land mass. Amaist aw o the population lives by subsistence fermin. The anerlie ither places o employment in the veelage are the twa veelage schuils, the twa kindergartens, or ane o the mony "ghanewts" (shops). Malishka is currently hame tae a Peace Corps Volunteer who teaches Inglis an haulds efter schuil Inglis Clubs at Malishka Seicontary Schuil #1.

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