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Coat of airms o Möhlin
Coat airms
Location o Möhlin
Möhlin is located in Swisserland
Möhlin is located in Canton o Aargau
Coordinates: 47°33′N 7°51′E / 47.550°N 7.850°E / 47.550; 7.850Coordinates: 47°33′N 7°51′E / 47.550°N 7.850°E / 47.550; 7.850
 • Total18.79 km2 (7.25 sq mi)
310 m (1,020 ft)
 • Total11,042
 • Density590/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
Postal code
SFOS nummer4254
LocalitiesObermöhlin, Untermöhlin, Riburg
Surroondit biMagden, Maisprach (BL), Rheinfelden, Schwörstadt (DE-BW), Wallbach, Wehr (DE-BW), Zeiningen
SFSO statistics

Möhlin (German pronunciation: [ˈmøːlin]) is a municipality in the destrict o Rheinfelden in the canton o Aargau in Swisserland.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The aurie aroond Möhlin wis prehistorically settled. A neolithic dounset haes been discovered at Chleizelgli, while scattered Bronze Age items wur discovered aroond the municipality. Thare wis a Roman era estate as well as three watchtouers alang the Rhine river. Durin the Early tae Heich Middle Ages it wis the steid o fortifee'd refuge.

The modren veelage o Möhlin is first mentioned in 794 as Melina.[3] In the 13t hunderyear a knicht in the service o the Hoose o Zähringen an a 15t hunderyear Rheinfeld Schultheiss (mayor) baith haed the name von Meli, which is derivit frae Möhlin.

The municipality of Möhlin came intae bein when aicht hamlets mergit ower the course o the 15t hunderyear. Jurors (a group o men o guid character that wur uised tae investigate crimes an/or judge the accused) frae Möhlin are first mentioned in 1473. Frae 1135 till 1797, the veelage wis unner Habsburg-Austrian rule. It wis a pairt o the region o Möhlinbach in the Rheinfelden destrict. Baith the heich an law courts ower the destrict wur unner Austrian control. In 1803 the entire Fricktal, includin Möhlin, jyned the newly foondit Canton o Aargau. The dounset o Rappershausen wis destroyed durin the Thirty Years' War.[3]

The kirk appears in the 8t hunderyear wi Germanus as its patron saunt. In the 10t hunderyear it is again mentioned, but this time the patron is Saunt Leodegar. The oreeginal biggin wis replacit wi a new kirk in 1609. In 1314 the patronage o the kirk wis grantit bi the Abbey o Ettenheim in Breisgau tae James o Wart. A few years later, in 1327, it wis grantit tae the Teutonic Knichts Order Hoose in Beuggen. Atween 1803-63 the patronage wis held bi the Canton o Aargau. The twa chapels in Obermöhlin an Riburg date frae the 17t an the early 18t hunderyear. The Christian Catholic pairish wis established in 1873, an teuk ower the kirk at that time. The kirk wis renovatit in 1954. In the 1940s, a Catholic an a Mendit kirk wur built.[3]

In 1932, the Bata Shoes company opened its factory in Möhlin. The factory biggins an the surroondin residential auries wur modeled on the oreeginal urban design o the ceety o Zlín, Czechoslovakie.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aerial view

Möhlin haes a aurie, as o 2009, o 18.79 square kilometer (7.25 sq mi). O this aurie, 7.89 km2 (3.05 sq mi) or 42.0% is uised for agricultural purposes, while 6.87 km2 (2.65 sq mi) or 36.6% is forestit. O the rest o the laund, 3.48 km2 (1.34 sq mi) or 18.5% is settled (biggins or roads), 0.59 km2 (0.23 sq mi) or 3.1% is either rivers or lochs an 0.02 km2 (4.9 acre) or 0.1% is unproductive laund.[4]

O the built up aurie, industrial biggins made up 2.7% o the total aurie while hoosin an biggins made up 9.5% an transportation infrastructur made up 4.6%. Oot o the forestit laund, aw o the forestit laund aurie is covered wi hivy forests. O the agricultural laund, 33.2% is uised for growin crops an 7.5% is pasturs, while 1.3% is uised for orchards or vine crops. Aw the watter in the municipality is in rivers an streams.[4]

The municipality is locatit in the Rheinfelden destrict, alang the Möhlinbach (Möhlin stream). It consists o the twa pairts Obermöhlin (Upper Möhlin) an Untermöhlin (Lawer Möhlin) in the sooth o the railwey line an o Riburg in the north.

Coat o airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

The blazon o the municipal coat o airms is Gules a garb Or ensigned wi a Sickle Azur handled Sable.[5]

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Möhlin haes a population (as o December 2015) o 10,853[6] As o  2009, 21.3% of the population are foreign nationals.[7] Ower the last 10 years (1997–2007) the population haes chyngit at a rate of 14.7%. Maist o the population (as o 2000) speaks German(87.8%), wi Italian bein seicont maist common ( 3.5%) an Albanie bein third ( 1.9%).[8]

The age distribution, as o 2008, in Möhlin is; 1,042 childer or 10.9% o the population are atween 0 an 9 year auld an 1,148 teenagers or 12.0% are atween 10 an 19. O the adult population, 1,143 fowk or 12.0% o the population are atween 20 and 29 year auld. 1,423 fowk or 14.9% are atween 30 an 39, 1,655 fowk or 17.3% are atween 40 an 49, an 1,234 fowk or 12.9% are atween 50 an 59. The senior population distribution is 951 fowk or 10.0% o the population are atween 60 an 69 year auld, 631 fowk or 6.6% are atween 70 an 79, thare are 288 fowk or 3.0% who are atween 80 an 89, an thare are 36 fowk or 0.4% who are 90 an aulder.[9]

As o 2000 the average nummer o residents per livin room wis 0.58 which is aboot equal tae the cantonal average o 0.57 per room. In this case, a room is defined as space o a hoosin unit of at least 4 m2 (43 sq ft) as normal bedrooms, dinin rooms, livin rooms, kitchens an habitable cellars an attics.[10] Aboot 46% o the total hoosehauds wur awner occupeed, or in ither wirds did not pay rent (though they may have a mortgage or a rent-tae-awn greement).[11]

As o 2000, thare wur 291 hames wi 1 or 2 bodies in the hoosehaud, 1,938 hames wi 3 or 4 bodies in the hoosehaud, an 1,109 hames wi 5 or mair bodies in the hoosehaud.[12] As o 2000, there were 3,412 private hoosehauds (hames an apairtments) in the municipality, an a average o 2.4 bodies per hoosehaud.[8] In 2008 thare wur 1,542 single faimily hames (or 36.2% o the total) oot o a total o 4,259 hames an apairtments.[13] Thare wur a total o 60 empty apairtments for a 1.4% vacancy rate.[13] As o 2007, the construction rate o new hoosin units wis 13.5 new units per 1000 residents.[8]

In the 2007 federal election the maist popular pairty wis the SVP which receivit 36.9% o the vote. The next three maist popular pairties wur the SP (19.7%), the FDP (12.3%) an the CVP (11.8%).[8]

The historical population is gien in the follaein table:[3][9]

Historical population
1768 1,102—    
1850 1,940+76.0%
1900 2,209+13.9%
1950 3,830+73.4%
1990 7,157+86.9%
2000 8,297+15.9%
2010 10,025+20.8%

Heritage steids o national significance[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Bata factory at Batastrasse (719, 743) an three pairts o the Roman era Rhine fortifications (the Fahrgraben, the Bürkli in the hamlet o Riburg, an the lawer Wehren) are aw leetit as Swiss heritage steids o naitional significance.[14]

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Möhlin industrial pairk

As o  2007, Möhlin haed a unemployment rate o 2.4%. As o 2005, thare wur 176 fowk employed in the primar economic sector an aboot 48 businesses involvit in this sector. 841 fowk are employed in the seicontar sector an thare are 84 businesses in this sector. 2,498 fowk are employed in the tertiar sector, wi 254 businesses in this sector.[8]

In 2000 thare wur 4,291 wirkers who livit in the municipality. O these, 2,932 or aboot 68.3% o the residents wirkit ootside Möhlin while 1,444 fowk commutit intae the municipality for wirk. Thare wur a total o 2,803 jobs (o at least 6 oors per week) in the municipality.[15] O the wirkin population, 20.2% uised public transportation tae get tae wirk, an 48.6% uised a private caur.[8]

Releegion[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae the 2000 census, 3,121 or 37.6% wur Roman Catholic, while 2,381 or 28.7% belangit tae the Swiss Mendit Kirk. O the rest o the population, thare wur 1 042 who belangit tae the Christian Catholic faith.[12]

Eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Primary School of Möhlin

In Möhlin aboot 72.6% o the population (atween age 25-64) hae completit either nan-mandatory upper seicontar eddication or addeetional heicher eddication (either varsity or a Fachhochschule).[8] O the schuil age population (in the 2008/2009 school year), thare are 750 students attendin primar schuil, thare are 244 students attendin seicontar schuil, thare are 348 students attendin tertiar or varsity level schuilin in the municipality.[12]

Möhlin is hame tae the Gemeindebibliothek Möhlin (municipal librar o Möhlin). The leebrar haes (as o 2008) 16,642 beuks or ither media, an lent oot 58,564 items in the same year. It wis open a total o 216 days wi average o 13 oors per week durin that year.[16]

Notable residents[eedit | eedit soorce]

Möhlin is the hametoun o the Croatie fitbawer Ivan Rakitić.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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