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the nor'wast shore o Lochinvar
LocationDumfries an Gallowa
Coordinates55°08′34″N 4°06′21″W / 55.14278°N 4.10583°W / 55.14278; -4.10583Coordinates: 55°08′34″N 4°06′21″W / 55.14278°N 4.10583°W / 55.14278; -4.10583
Primar ootflowsLochinvar Burn intae Watter o Ken
39.3 ha (97 acre)[1]
Shore lenth13.8 km (2.4 mi)[1]
Surface elevation226 m (741 ft)[1]
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Lochinvar (or Lan Var) is a loch in the ceevil pairish o Dalry in the historic coonty o Kirkcoubrieshire in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland. It is locatit in the Gallowa Hills, aboot 3.5 mile nor'east o St John's Toun o Dalry. The loch umwhile haed an island that Lochinvar Castle, the seat o the Gordon faimily, stuid on. In the 20t century the loch wis teppit tae form a pownd, raisin the watter level an drounin the island wi the ruins o the castle. The loch is uised for troot fishin.[2]

The name Lochinvar is fae the Scots Gaelic Loch a bharra (aulder Scots Gaelic Loch an bharra, the genitive o barr = summit) meanin "Loch on the hillheid". Tharefore it is stresst on the last syllable, no like Lochinver.

Gordons o Lochinvar[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Gordon faimily arrived fae Berwickshire in 1297. Thay estaiblisht a castle, bit the date o the ruins on the umwhile island is no kent.[3]

John Gordon o Lochinvar (dee'd 1604) wis an uphaud o Mary, Queen o Scots. His son, Sir Robert Gordon o Lochinvar (c.1565-1628) wis ane o the first tae set oot in the schame for the estaiblishment o colonys in North Americae. He obteent a chairter o whit wis cried the Barony o Galloway in Nova Scotia on 8 November 1621. In 1625 he publisht a tract on the subject enteetelt Encouragements for such as shall have intention to bee Vndertakers in the new plantation...By mee Lochinvar...Edinburgh, 1625.[4][5] Lochinvar wis creatit a baronet in 1626.[6] On 12 Julie 1626 he wis appyntit a member o the cooncil o war for Scotland an a Commeesioner for the Middle Shires, bidin at Greenlaw, Crossmickle Pairish, Kirkcoubrieshire. His seicont son, Robert Gordon o Gelston, jynt wi his faither in the plantation o Americae in the grant o the Barony o Galloway in Nova Scotia in 1621.[7] His auldest son, Sir John Gordon o Lochinvar, 2nt Baronet, wis an uphauld o Charles I, Keeng o Scots an a namely Protestant. He wis creatit Viscount o Kenmure bi Charles at his Scots coronation in 1633.

"Young Lochinvar" is a key chairacter in Walter Scott's epic poem Marmion (1808). Awtho the tale is associatit wi the historical Sir William Gordon o Lochinvar, 15t century laird o Lochinvar, thare is no evidence for the events descrived in the poem.[8]

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