Loch Erie

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Loch Erie
Greatlakes amo 2014009.jpg
Loch Erie on Januar 9, 2014
The Great Lochs, wi Loch Erie heichlichtit in darker blue
LocationNorth Americae
GroupGreat Lochs
Coordinates42°12′N 81°12′W / 42.2°N 81.2°W / 42.2; -81.2Coordinates: 42°12′N 81°12′W / 42.2°N 81.2°W / 42.2; -81.2
Loch teepGlacial
Primary inflowsDetroit River[1]
Primar ootflowsNiagara River
Welland Canal[2]
Basin kintrasCanadae
Unitit States
Max. lenth241 mi (388 km)
Max. weenth57 mi (92 km)
Surface aurie9,910 sq mi (25,667 km2)[2]
Average deepth62 ft (19 m)[2]
Max. deepth210 ft (64 m)[3]
Watter vollum116 cu mi (480 km3)[2]
Residence time2.6 years
Shore lenth1799 mi (1,286 km) plus 72 mi (116 km) for islands[4]
Surface elevation569 ft (173 m)[2]
Islands24+ (see list)
SettlementsBuffalo, New York
Erie, Pennsylvania
Toledo, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Loch Erie[5] (/ˈɪri/; Inglis: Lake Erie, French: Lac Érié) is the fowerth lairgest loch (bi surface area) o the five Great Lochs in North Americae, an the thirteent lairgest globally if measurt in terms o surface aurie.[6][1]

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