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Leslie Cheung

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Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing
Cheung performin at a concert in 1997.
Background information
Cheenese name張國榮 (tradeetional)
Cheenese name张国荣 (simplifee'd)
PinyinZhāng Guóróng (Mandarin)
JyutpingZoeng1 Gwok3wing4 (Cantonese)
OriginHong Kong
Born12 September 1956(1956-09-12)
Hong Kong
Dee'd1 Apryle 2003(2003-04-01) (aged 46)
Hong Kong
Ither name(s)Gor Gor (哥哥)[1][2]
ThriftSangster-sangwriter, actor
Genre(s)Cantopop, Mandopop
Vyce teep(s)Baritone
Label(s)Polydor Records, Capital Artists, Cinepoly Records,
Rock Records, Universal Music Group
Years active1977–2003
AuncestryMeizhou, Guangdong

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing (12 September 1956 – 1 Apryle 2003) wis a Hong Kong sangster-sangwriter, actor, film director, record producer an screenwriter. Cheung is considered as "ane o the foonder faithers o Cantopop" bi "combinin a hugely successful film an muisic career."[3] He rose tae prominence as a teen herthrob an pop icon o Hong Kong in the 1980s, receivin numerous muisic awairds includin baith Most Popular Male Artist Awards at the 1988 an 1989 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards.[4][5] In 1989, Cheung annooncit his retirement frae the muisic industrie as a pop sangster. Returnin tae the muisic scene efter a five-year hiatus, Cheung released his chairt-toppin comeback album (寵愛) which achievit a huge mercat success. In 1999, he wan the Golden Needle Award for his ootstaundin achievement as a muisicker at the RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards,[6] an his 1984 hit sang Monica wis votit as Hong Kong's "Song of the Century".[7] He wis honoured as "Asia's Biggest Superstar" at the 2000 CCTV-MTV Music Honours.[8]

Cheung wan the 1991 Hong Kong Film Award (Days of Being Wild)[9] an the 1994 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award (Ashes of Time)[10] for best actor. He haed wan the 1994 Japan Film Critics Society Award for best actor for his performance in Farewell My Concubine an ten ither best actor nominations an aw, five Golden Horse Awards, three Cannes Film Festival Awards,[11][12] a Asia Pacific Film Festival Award, an a Venice Film Festival Award.[13]

Cheung's muisic an movies no anerly captured fans in Hong Kong but ither Asie kintras includin Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysie, Cheenae, Japan an Sooth Korea an aw. He is the first foreign airtist tae hauld 16 concerts in Japan that haes yet tae be breuken an the record haulder as the best-sellin C-pop airtist in Korea.[14]

Cheung wis rankit as the favourite actor in the 100 years o Cheenese cinema.[15][16] In 2010, he wis votit the third "Most Iconic Musicians of All Time" (efter Michael Jackson an The Beatles).[17] CNN considered Cheung as the "Most Beautiful Man from Hong Kong Cinema" an ane o "Asia's 25 Greatest Actors of All Time."[18][19]

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